I turned in an assignment late because MyWritingLab took awhile to process my temp access code


Mar 1, 2016
Don't worry this starting paragraph has context. Anyway, before I start my first day of college I get the books I need straight from the college bookstore. The librarian informs me that my psychology book has an access code. So I infer that my 2 english books don't come with codes. The book that came with the MyWritingLab code was brand new. I open it. I am fairly certain I don't need a code for anything so I don't look for one.

The first day of class comes along. My instructor says "Class, you guys will open a turnitin.com account; However, your other online thing for this class isn't up yet. The school has me registered to teach the wrong class." Q next class visit..... Everything get's sorted out and we set up MyWritingLab. I set up a temp code because I couldn't find my code. I assumed the library gave me a book that didn't come with a code, but another part of me thought I may have missplaced the code. So I didn't want to just buy a code for $38.

It takes a few days to process my request. Once I'm in the class, I check the MyWritingLab schedule that displays what assignments are due when; It says none are due but I see a test available. I log on today I see one assignment due; I complete the assignment. After I complete the assignment I take the test that was available a few days ago. I thought I was completing my work in advance. After the test was over, I check out my grade and the stats that come with it. I scored 88% That's why I was torn when I saw the stats. I scored 40/45, it took me 2 1/2 hours to complete, and to my horror underneath my score it says omitted. =========================================================================== Sorry about all the = signs tom's hardware wouldn't let me indent for some reason. Anyway, I have four initial questions. I take a note of this number of questions because I might have more questions in a bit. Some of my questions are dumb; I'm asking dumb questions because I don't think I can be impartial about them. Additional note: the code was in my second english book; which is just a reference guide to that class ech. =========================================================================== Is it my imagination that it takes a few days for MyWritingLab to process temporary logins? ===========================================================================IIf you were a college professor would you accept my excuse? =========================================================================== Is my story concise, easy to read, etc.? (I'm self-concious about my 88 I want all the criticism I can get.) =========================================================================== Am I the only one that thinks it's kind of weird to set a deadline for an assignment that doesn't require any physical grading? =========================================================================== Is there anyway I can tell when overdue assignments were due on MyWritingLab? (their orientation is trash.)


Jan 17, 2012
Sounds almost like a dog ate my homework kind of excuse. Im pretty sure, that nothing anyone says here is going to matter one way or another, not even sure this is appropriate for this forum.


Apr 29, 2006
I think what Vrumor is trying to say is even if we could give info, what good will it do? You need to talk to your teacher, s/he's the only person who can do anything to help you. Every college and class is different so even if someone said it worked for them, it might not work for you.


The only opinion that counts is from the person that grades your classwork.

Heck....even two professors, in the same school, in the same department, might have different ideas as to what would/should happen.
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