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    I need these pictures!pls

    Listen so I messed around a d removed my ex account from my phone a d i really need the pictures of me and my new book layed up he jus went ton jail and that's the only thing I hav2 of him... Can you please tell .e how to get them back before something bad happens to them and ima have to beat my...
  2. L

    Solved! nextbook Ares 8a

    My next book ares8 Won’t turn on to the opening screen just the next book powered by android screen and it is in the DNX Fast boot mode how do I get out of this
  3. C

    How to unlock keyboard, next book android

    Cannot get keyboard unlocked on android Next book tablet.tried removing keyboard
  4. J

    Solved! read books on glasses

    Looking for glasses that can show the video image from a tablet or kindle in the glases for boo reading. Anything like that out there?
  5. S

    Solved! How to print file from phone without print icon

    I need a hard copy of my book. I can find it on my samsung phone but there is no print icon on the little phone screen. I have an hp cloud printer in house. Book is saved as document in Microsoft cloud app.
  6. B

    Solved! Next book problem

    I bought my 3 year old a next book Ares 8 a to play. Can I turn in app purchases off?
  7. D

    Solved! I've tried the power and volumn button and didn't work still want come on what eles can I try

    I can't get my next book to power on tried the power button and volumn button at same time still want power on
  8. G

    How can I log in my face book from a new but still logged in the lost old one

    How do I log into face book from a new phone but still logged in the lost phone
  9. N

    My Intel next book screen glitches out.

    I received this nextbook for Christmas. The problem with it is when it is turned on and at the home screen after a while, the screen goes black and has weird multicolored glitch blocks on it. the picture attached shows what it looks like.
  10. P

    Solved! I cannot get my cloud pictures to my computer to use in product. my

    I am trying to make a book on shutterfly but need to transfer cloud pictures to my computer from my cellphone but don't know how.
  11. O

    Solved! Need next book Ares 8A

    Need activation code for Ares 8A
  12. Y

    Help me now

    I got a next book Ares 8A’s From Walmart and came home and opened it up and it was a kurio not a next book ares 8a I been to Walmart I need help
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    Solved! I want to get an ereader should I go for nook, kobo or paperwhite?

    I'm just going to be reading free books specifically poetry. The new paperwhite handles pdfs well should I get that. my new paperwhite was stolen 3 years ago and I've been waiting for a cpu upgrade but it hasn't come.
  14. S

    Acer Reboot Problem

    I was attempting to do a reset on an Acer Aspire 1 Cloud Book and it quit at 66%. When it came to the TPM screen I hit Escape to go back to reopen windows and try again. Now it won't reboot, all it does is show the Acer Explore Beyond Limits screen then it goes blank, then it goes black and the...
  15. C

    Solved! Downloaded books won't come up without internet access.

    Hi! I have downloaded books on my Nextbook 10" tablet and I cannot connect to the internet but I cannot get access to the books I downloaded except the ones that I have read and are on the cloud. I thought downloading meant you didn't have to be on the internet to read them. Have I done...
  16. F

    Asking advice on an older phone that can play mp3 books; create a wifi hotspot, more

    Hiya I have a tracfone. Mostly it is okay--as a phone. Incredibly complicated to get photos out of it. I would like to listen to music and books while I work and work out. I would like to be able to have a phone that can work about anywhere. (I understand that is achieved by certain AT&T and...
  17. T

    My next book 10 tablet keeps freezing in the middle of the games how do I fix that

    My next book 10 tablet keeps freezing how do I fix it
  18. W

    I have a nextbook 11A stuck in boot mode did safe mode no help, hard reset still in boot mode, Whats my next step.

    Next book keeps rebooting at starting up.
  19. R

    Solved! I reset my next book but it is still in a loop on the next book logo

    I hard reset my next book but it is still in a loop saying netbook over and over
  20. C

    Please help me

    I bought a next book tablet secondhand and can't get the activation code anywhere is there anyway I can bypass it?
  21. S

    my acer aspire one cloud book 14 won't factory reset

    it won't download and install windows 10 and it won't factory reset
  22. P

    Lenovo YB1 Yoga book won't boot up.

    Lenovo YB1 Yoga Book won't boot up
  23. C

    Solved! Next book WiFi

    My WiFi’s button won’’t stay on. When i turn it on, it goes back off as soon as i leave the settings.
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    Solved! Hi, I've hp elite book 8440p and can't get @ sign but it is indicate on the key with ' and " signs.

    Hi, I've hp elite book 8440p and can't get @ sign but it is indicate on the key with ' and " signs.
  25. S

    Hi my note book will only turn on when the charger is plugged in can anyone help me? I carnt find a battery on it unless I uns

    Help My note book won’t turn unless it’s plugged in to the main
  26. Jabad96

    Having Difficulties Deciding Whether to Get the 15 inch or 13.5 inch Surfacebook 2

    Hello, So recently I decided to purchase a new laptop and bought the 15 inch Surface book 2. I have owned 2 laptops in my life which were Gateway 17 inch and a dell latitude E6420. I have upgraded from the Dell latitude E6420 15 inch laptop due to the very think bezels around the screen space...
  27. K

    Removing a book from Kindle application on iPad?

    How do you permanently remove a book from your Kindle application on an iPad? [don't post your email address on the forum] Thank you, Ksmeister
  28. M

    Tablet won't reset

    Please help I have a next book tablet and I have tried several times to do a factory reset and I hit the power buttons column up and nothing happens I held it down for a long time and nothing please help
  29. I

    Monster Hunter World - One for the History Books Quest Guide

    The quest is very different than the previous ones where you used to hunt or capture monsters. You will get to create history in this quest and that’s why it is named like that. Anyways, if you want to know how you can complete this quest, then refer to the guide below: Walkthrough: Well, this...
  30. M

    Books on cd in car without a slot

    I listen to cd audio books but my new car doesn’t have a cd slot.. what do I need to do.
  31. L

    Crome book madness

    Why does iboss block everything! I can’t even go to my email! Btw im doing this on my phone
  32. V

    Best tablet for purpose

    I'm looking for a tablet with min.10.1" screen to read books and full page docs. Want to download~10 books, and up to 5,000 songs for my uke activity. Download from pc. connex to projector. min 4 ports. <$160. I bought refurb. Samsung; returned cuz it didn't have working download from my...
  33. M

    I bought a Next book tablet from a friend and it has an activation code on it and I can't use my tablet

    Please help I bought a Next book tablet from a friend and it has a activation code on it and I can't get it off so I can play on it
  34. J

    Solved! Need help with samsu g phone, videos start and stopping , face book news feeds won't show pictures or very slow

    Videos stop and start, pictures on face book don't show or are very slow
  35. K

    When IAM opening book on laptop pages r running very fast nonstop .and when opening other folder then first folder is only ope

    My laptop is Sony and it is behaving suspiciously .when IAM opening book for reading o my laptop then pages r running very fast unstoppable.and only first folder is opening even if IAM opening 2 or 3 folder .what to do ?
  36. L

    I can't get my new Samsung galaxy a6 tablet to read my address card

    Need to see my books on my new tablet
  37. C

    hp pro book slow

    Hi so my laptop is a hp probook 430 g4 ive bought its this year and am constantly having problems with it. the laptop runs so slow ive done the basics running anti virus software and created more space on hard drive checked for updates etc any ideas? thanks
  38. F

    what happens if I don't charge the laptop for first use?

    I'm bought new asus rog gl503ge about 2 weeks ago. In manual book, it's written that you have to charge the laptop for 3 hours while the laptop is off. But I don't do it, I immediately used it for a few hours when the laptop turned on and was plugged into AC. my wear level is 4%. here the...
  39. N

    Solved! What is the best MAC Os Books Author

    [Moderator note: moved post to MacBooks.] What is the best MAC Os books author?
  40. S

    how to unlock account

    my face book account is locked 4 days ago please kindly unlock my accout. i had to try more times to login its asking every change password.i had to change but its repeating like that only not working to login please unlock my account i want my account
  41. M

    How do I fix next book I have lines at times and very slow

    I have lines that will appear on part of screen and it is extremely slow.. I can't click on apps
  42. B

    What is the best software to edit PDF file?

    What is the best software to edit PDF file? I have a lot of old books that they were scanned and made into PDF formats many years ago. However, I would like to make some modifications now. Things like - detecting those English text from the PDF file so that I can copy them or edit them...
  43. D

    Next book keeps turning off on its own

    The only apps I have are Facebook, messenger, Hulu, YouTube & weather. The rest were already on my next book. I hadn’t messed with for several months. I had it turned off & stored in its box until these past few days. It’s fully charged but every time I turn it on, it shuts off on its own. By...
  44. M

    Number keys are not working on my ASUS Chromebook flipbook. the numbers one, two, three four, seven, eight, nine and zero to n

    Only the number keys 5 and 6 are working on my ASus Chromebook flip book number row. all of the other number keys do not work. I had just replaced a damaged power port before they stopped working. Everything else is working fine...I am not sure how/if this is related. could this be software...
  45. T

    looking for my hp 14 note book pc upgrade

    my device is hp 14 notebook pc d008au. Is its processor upgradable ? how much is its ram expandable? its mother board is kabini
  46. G

    Need answers please

    I just bought a next book 8 and it keeps saying my apps are not responding at this time.
  47. C

    Trouble shooting Tablets

    Next book won't turn on the led light stays yellow
  48. J

    My Asus Eee PC (1015bx) won't turn on (MOBO PROBLEMS???)

    So, a few weeks ago my Asus netbook died and I decided to take it to a technician who works with laptops just to analyze it and he said that the motherboard stopped working and he didn't want to risk replacing it since he couldn't find an original one. So I bought a new mobo and installed it...
  49. W

    Android Kindle books using

    Let's say moon reader. I have spent hrs but these apps will not find my kindle books. I just do not know what to do. Help me please. WILLIAM <<Email addresses removed by moderator>>
  50. R

    How do I delete a book from one kindle but leave it on the rest?

    I have loaned my sister one of my Kindles on a long term basis. I do not want to delete all the books on it as she will enjoy them. However, there will be some books I will acquire in the future that I prefer she not see or access. Is there a way I can add them to only one device (well...
  51. S

    Hi have Android yoga book but keyboard is Swedish is there a list of where/how to find UK English symbols or can I change the

    Have Yoga book but Swedish keyboard is there a list of where to find English UK symbols on this keyboard or is it possible to make keyboard into English layout, thanks
  52. G

    The 15 Best Books for Gamers

    From stories about beloved game worlds, to analyses of in-game mechanics, these are the books that gamers shouldn't go without. The 15 Best Books for Gamers : Read more
  53. T

    What is the best daily routine to learn C#?

    besides that i want to know: -what is a good book for a beginner -the time it will take me i also have some more questions: -what kind of programs can i make in c#? -can i make remote controlled stuff in c#? i thought about this: downloading a max 140 lines of code program and messing with...
  54. J

    My 1 click wants to send books to my old kindle. How do I change defaults to my iPad

    1-click lists every device and kindle I have ever owned. I have to pick thru a long list to have books sent to my current iPad. I’d like it to be my default.
  55. F

    how can I get a face book account unblocked which was accidently blocked from my account.

    unsure thread? trying to get face book acct of <mod removed personal data> that I actually blocked from my account last night unblocked.
  56. A

    What can you do with Java I/O library?

    So I'm reading a book on Java, and I'm stuck on the Chapter about IO. So I understand that Java was two streams; the character and byte stream, but I don't understand when to use character stream and when to use byte streams. Also, what if I wanted to make a Java program what can process...
  57. L

    Activation code nextbook

    Need activation code for next book Ares 10A got from friend ten days ago .he had recite but house burnt to ground .he died in fire
  58. J

    Solved! How to bypass activation code for next book Ares 8A

    I've got two next book Ares 8a tablets as a gift from my mom, for my kids, but I don't have the receipt to activate them. I need to know how to bypass activation.
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    17 Best Books to Read in Summer 2018

    You'll want a good book or two for the sunny evenings, long plane rides and beachside sojourns this summer. 17 Best Books to Read in Summer 2018 : Read more