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Feb 16, 2014
I'm looking for a tablet with min.10.1" screen to read books and full page docs. Want to download~10 books, and up to 5,000 songs for my uke activity. Download from pc.

connex to projector. min 4 ports. <$160. I bought refurb. Samsung; returned cuz it didn't have working download from my pc; bought refurb. thinkpad w win10. good, but died in a week.

I want them to do what a tab must do, but don't want an ereader cuz of the other limitations.

Saga Lout

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I doubt you'll find a tablet which can hold that much music without adding at ldeat a 32Gb Micro SdCard.

The Samsung that "didn't download" might have only needed a tweak or two in the Settings.

When you get another Android tablet, go into Settings from the Apps square and click on More. In the About Device menu, tap Build Number seven times. I know - it sounds like witchcraft but I'm being serious - honestly. When you've done that, you'll see a message announcing "you are now a Developer".

You also get an extra menu named Developer Options and in there is the setting to allow USB debugging. Connect to your PC and the tablet will be recognised by Windows File Explorer.

That's also a good time to back the tablet up to the PC just in case. FonePaw is a reasonabl utility but it fails to backup your Calendar.


Feb 16, 2014

I don't know what a "developer" is, but I'll try it if I get another android. With the Samsung none of the ports connected. Seems that the connection was mangled, probably by people forcing the cable tip into the port. This was true of 3 of the ports.

Yeah, that's a lot of songs, but I have more than than now. I do have 3 flashdrives of 8, 8 and 16 GB; and each song will require a max of 20 kb of space, so that shouldn't be a problems. I want to be able to set the tablet up on a stand so I can see it when I'm playing. And I want to be able to carry the one device instead of 4 or 5 large notebooks. I have a 15" laptop that does the job, but it's not very good to set up on a music stand.

Thanks for the positive suggestions, anyway.

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