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    My old coax antenna input tv won't work if I feed the output of direct tv to it via a radio shack ch3 rf modulator

    If I take my direct tv receiver and feed component cables to a radio shack rf converter 75 ohm coax then hook it to a old tv with only that signal input then why won't it work?
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    Solved! Get channel 8 on my insignia t v. with a radio dmshack amplified he antenna

    Cannot get ABC channel 8 on my insignia TV with a radio shack ampflied H TV antenna.
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    Blue tooth accessible

    I have a radio shack 12-589 radio and asking if it has blue tooth capabilities
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    What am I missing with troubleshooting this speaker?

    I have a set of old radio shack speakers with no clear defects at all but they will not work at all not even a crackle or hiss or a pop.... nothing I have 11 other speakers all hooked up and working perfect... what am I missing with this one set of speakers that could be wrong??
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    Speaker Output Jack Question

    I have the famous Radio Shack mini amplifier: The description says I can connect either an external speaker or headphones to the "speaker"/"output" jack. Had anyone used headphones with this amp? As I understand this...
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    Where can I buy this mini amp?

    I'm looking for the elusive Radio Shack mini amplifier. Looks like the below picture. They've been around for at least 15 years but I can't find them online or in any of my local stores. I did see an ad for a so-called "ghost EVP listener" which supposedly includes the amp, a telephone pickup...