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  1. S

    Question recover data after factory reset android (rooted)

    i am trying to recover data after a factory reset on a rooted android Samsung edge s7 (AP_G935F) but everything i try just will not detect the phone or only shows the things currently on it... any recommendations on programs that actually work? root checker app shows it is rooted and some...
  2. Jurden78

    Need my no back had it 15 years

    Hi my missus has had the same no for 15 years.we joined sky 2 years ago with contract phones.she transferred her old no over to the sky SIM.we have both been out of work now for a few months.bills have built up and we got cut off.the company won't give her the old phone no back.what can I do as...

    Question How to recovery 360 security log ?

    Hi My 360 total security has delet some files that are not a virus i want to recovery them how can i do that ? note I see the deleted file in the log I’m sorry for my poor English
  4. A

    how to recover photos from a drive that is formatted twice?

    Can anyone tell me, How to recover photos from a drive that is formatted twice. Thank you
  5. R

    How to recover Doc file?

    Hi guys, I'm going to try to explain this the best I can, but please excuse me if it's a bit difficult to understand! Basically, my girlfriend has her final assignments for her last year of college to be handed in on Friday, and the saved file has become corrupt. With me working in IT support...
  6. F

    How To Recover My Previously Uploaded Video From Facebook Timeline?

    Hi community, Would like to know what is the best solution to recover a previously uploaded video from my own Facebook account/timeline? Today I get a program/plugin called MassFaces from Internet (who does this) and I would greatly appreciate if you could help me to use it or if you know...