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  1. SCJ3183

    Solved! SSD crashed. Can't boot with new

    I own a Lenovo Flex5 with Windows 10. Recently my SSD crashed. On starting the system it started showing boot media not found error and in bios page it showed that hard disk is not recognised. I have a one drive backup for all the data so I'm not much concerned with that part of it. I ordered a...
  2. M

    Solved! laptop refuses to delete dual partition setup

    I'm trying to cleanup an old HP laptop that I had years ago installed a dual boot Windows 7 setup on. While I can get into the secondary Windows 7 system boot, the OS boot up process started freezing up when ever I tried to get into the primary system boot. But even in the secondary boot, when I...
  3. Bellzemos

    Default Restoring Windows Server 2008 to default settings?

    Hello! First of all, I'm new to servers. I've installed Windows Server 2008 x86 on an old PC and played with it, created a couple accounts, OUs, roles etc. I would like to revert it all back to the state when I installed it (plus keep the Windows updates - if possible). Is that possible to...
  4. B

    free download disk to reboot windows 7 hp professnal

    My windows 7 hp professional is locked i want to reboot need a free disk with all the disk drives on it