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  1. K

    Solved! my fujitsu laptop restarts when plugged in

    my laptop(a fujitsu laptop) restarts when it is charged. when not plugged in it does not restart in any way. When its plugged in it takes a few minutes or hours (it depends) for it to restart the laptop, it also takes a while to load in once logged in(though booting time is faster), usually...
  2. M

    Solved! Asus laptop restarts several times and displays black screen for a short time before restarting

    the lapop was on the sleep mode and then my twin turned iton and found out it was updating windows so she restarted it and then it only requires a password in a blue box and when you enter pass it shows asus logo and that circling icon then it displays a black screen and a window frame flashes...
  3. Miizuki1512

    Question Acer Aspire 4750 restart loop

    My laptop is Acer Aspire 4750, Win 7 Ultimate 64bit, 6GB ram(2gb+4gb). It keep restarting over and over again after I installed Intel HD Graphic 3000 driver. It works fine in Safe Mode and in Normal Mode it only works if I disable it. I've clean install Windows and yet it still happen. The...
  4. B

    Question Lenovo Ideapad 320 restarts without showing anything on the screen.

    I have Lenovo Ideapad320. It keeps restarting without showing anything on the screen. The screen remains black, Before it restarts the fan speeds up to maximum. I have tried by removing the battery, changing the Hard drive and removing one of the ram. This once happened earlier also, I didn't...
  5. berypurda

    Solved! ASUS laptop keeps restarting

    I have an ASUS Rog strix scar III g531GU, I spilled water on it a day ago, i opened it, disconnected the battery, there was like 2-3 drops of water in it, on the paper on my ram stick, but no water anywhere else, today I put it back together, it boots up, both my ram sticks are working, but...
  6. DJFiefs

    Solved! How to reset a phone that keeps restarting and cant access hard reset settings because volume buttons wont work?

    How to reset a phone that keeps restarting and cant access hard reset settings because volume buttons wont work?
  7. A

    asus computer stuck in bio utility ex mode.

    i’ve tried restarting, enabling cms, resetting default settings and changing boot order. my model is Q405U and my battery is not accessible. i’m have windows 10. how do i get out?
  8. M

    laptop alienware m11x wont turn on

    I brought a laptop off a friend (alienware m11x r2) for 200$ and it was going good until i saw the temperatures it was operating, it was idling at 70-80c ... so I turned it off replaced the thermal paste ... turned it back on... temps were idling at 40-50c few minutes late the screen turned...
  9. J

    Asus restart loop windows 10

    I have a brand new Asus laptop, only a month old, that is stuck on a restart loop. The laptop will turn on, then immediately show a blue screen that says something went wrong, then it restarts. When it turns on again, it gives me a menu and offers to continue to windows 10 (doesn't work), turn...