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  1. Layton99

    Solved! Replaced laptop daughter/motherboard ribbon, now won't power on.

    Last week, I purchased a used Samsung notebook 9 Pro ( np940z5l-x03us ). It worked perfectly. I then shut it down and stored it dormant. Yesterday, I took it out, and opened the back panel to check if the SSD was NVME or Sata ( I was going to buy more storage over black Friday / Cyber...
  2. 0rpheus

    Question Ribbon cable help

    So I was fixing my electronic device and I accidentally tugged too hard on a ribbon cable and the ribbon pulled off with the connector thing still attached to the circuit board. What is the best way to get it unstuck from the board?
  3. A

    MSI laptop ribbon cable

    Hi so recently I opened up my laptop(apparently CMOS battery needed replacing) and though I did not touch it, my ribbon cable that goes to my screen burned. The laptop itself still works just the screen doesn't, I can output to another display and use it perfectly. I tried replacing the cable...
  4. C

    ROG Screen Replacement Doesn't Power On

    My laptop’s screen no longer works but it can still connect to external monitors. I’ve ordered a replacement screen that is compatible with my laptop model (Asus G750JW) but the replacement screen fails to power on. Should I buy a replacement ribbon cable or could this just be a loose wire...
  5. L

    Using another power button board for a laptop being not from the same brand

    This is something that i had started to wonder about ever since my old old laptops power board had stopped working. its because i have seen a few other laptop power button board in online shops and they seem, by pure luck, to have the same ribbon connector on the power button board as the...