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  1. T

    LG500 cell At&t -transfer texts to PC needed urgent

    Screen is still visible. Phone works, storage is intact but the pressure sensitive screen buttons are failing. I emailed text messages to my email but only a few lines of each text message transferred to the email. I thought it worked but lost half of messages! How can I retrieve important...
  2. M

    Evertime this particular guy calls, Belgium, the caller ID shows blank only

    There is this guys, my husband boss that everytime he calls him on his mobile shows blank?, or has my husband deleted the number so I don't know who is calling? Please help
  3. ipwn3r456

    T-Mobile - 200 MB enough for smartphones or $10 more for 2 GB?

    Hi community, Can't find the right sub-catgory... so i just choose a random one. Anyways, is there any smartphone users out there with data plans? If yes, I need some help from you guys. Might be getting a new smartphone pretty soon, and i wonder 200 MB is enough? Because I just want to save...
  4. I

    Can you use one phone number on two cell phones

    I have two cell phone one is an iphone can Iuse the same phone number?
  5. Q

    Using US-Provider with european device (ZTE MF60)

    First, sorry for my english xD (My English teacher has failed) I plan to visit the usa :bounce: and want to use mobile internet. But why you use other frequencies :cry: So I hope, somebody can help me to find the "best" Provider and plan. I have a "ZTE MF60" mobile hotspot. (i found only...
  6. S

    Searching someone

    who is the owner of mobile no., i.e 8860788348
  7. V

    My phone wont turn on

    heeelpp ! okay so my charger broke a while ago so i had to get a new one and now this charger is being really weird. i had it charging all night and then this morning i unplugged it and it said that i didnt have any battery so i plugged it back in and then it said the battery was full, it stayed...
  8. H

    Prepaid SIM Card in USA

    Hello, I have come to USA from India very recently and staying in CANTON(GA30115).I want to buy SIM Card for my mobile hand set Nokia E71 with prepaid plan for calling in UAS and some time to friends in India.Will you please help me - HARISH GANDHI
  9. V

    Can i get cell reception through my internet?

    I just moved into a home way out in the country, and i have internet, but no cellphone service (AT&T). Is there any way to get cellphone reception through my existing home wifi?
  10. S

    Rogers emergency calls only

    why is my phone not l;etting me make out going call and says emergency calls only?
  11. G

    lg cf360 at&t phone

    does anyone know the unlock codes for an at&t lg cf360 phone?
  12. A

    Unlocked Phones

    If I have an at&t phone service, and I buy an unlocked Blackberry Storm (which at&t does not carry) can I still use my at&t sim card? or does I have to get new phone service from Verizon ( which does carry this phone)?
  13. G

    Do you need a land line for a fax o can use a cellphone?

    Do you need a land line for a fax machine or can use the cell phone?
  14. C

    How do you turn sms instant messaging off

    How do you turn sms instant messaging off your phone?
  15. G

    Is it possible to use a unlocked phone with an at&t service?

    i just bought a unlocked phone to use with my service i already have but i can't get the phone to find the network
  16. J

    Ming Xing A008

    :bounce: :bounce: I just purchased a Ming Xing A008 the problem I am having is I can't get to the web. I have AT&T Go Phone net work any assistance would help thank you.
  17. R

    Unolck code for my lg cf360 phone please

    is there any unlock code for my lg cf360 by at&t phone?thank you
  18. J

    Rogers Scam - Beware

    This is a particularly nasty Scam so watch out! The way this scam works is that a company in California (M-Qube) tricks you into giving them your cell phone text address, then once they have it, they send you unsolicited junk mail every day (SPAM), in the form of a "joke of the day", and charge...
  19. G

    Watch our for Roger..

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.rogersatt (More info?) I've got top warn all people who are thinking about buying a ROGER Cell Phone, You can better for get about it take this advice from Me.... it saves you money and nightmare and time... BJ
  20. B

    220 and ringtunes

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.rogersatt (More info?) Does Motorola v220 camera phone have MIDI ringtunes capabilities? I checked Roger's page and it doesn't mention it. Only says MP3 and WAV.
  21. A

    "Wireless upgrade"

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.rogersatt (More info?) Hi all, I have a Nokia 8390 phone and would like to get one of those camera phones from Rogers Wireless. Could someone give me some recommendations? I went to two Rogers stores to check out the Motorola V220. Not sure if it's because...
  22. H

    Phones with these features

    Archived from groups:,alt.cellular.motorola,,alt.cellular.rogersatt (More info?) I currently have a Pocket PC (HP 5550) that I love but I'd like to get something that also allows phone access, so I have a few questions, is there a phone that has GPS...
  23. G

    GSM Phones Unlocking Available in Ottawa Area

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.rogersatt (More info?) these GSM phone can be unlocked by me 1). Sony Erisson 5). Siemens 2). Motorola 6). LG 3). NOKIA 7). Panasonic 4). Samsung e-mail:=...
  24. M

    New Phones

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.rogersatt (More info?) I see a couple of new Motorola's on Rogers website, the V220 and C650. anyone out there have these yet?
  25. N

    FS: Blackberry 5810 pda/cell phone

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.rogersatt (More info?) I have a 2 month old 5810 for sale. Condition is pretty much mint, one minor scratch about the length of a thumbnail on the back. Comes with original box, cradle, aftermarket headset and belt holster. asking 175 obo ask about shipping...
  26. G

    Cell Phones dissolved my brain !

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.rogersatt,alt.mythe (More info?) Yes, I'm brainless now !
  27. G

    LF: Samsung S307

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.rogersatt (More info?) I am looking for a used Samsung S307 mobile phone in Ottawa only, unlocked or for Rogers. Please send your asking price and list of any accessories to Thanx! Ian
  28. M

    V300 / T720g problems?

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.rogersatt (More info?) Hi, you gurus out there: I'm debating over whether to get a Nokia 3565, Motorola T720g, or Motorola V300. I've heard horror stories of the T720g - dropped calls, 30-seconds to power up the phone, etc. I've also heard stories of the...