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  1. Guest113133

    Question How to Root Alcatel U3 ( 2018 )

    Please help I have tried all the Thing I can think of, I don't care what I have to use to root it, though magisk would be preferable, sadly however I cannot find a twrp driver that is compatible.
  2. HankThrill

    Question How to root Stylo 5?

    I'm wanting to root my Lg Stylo5, but I'm not sure how to go about it, TWRP doesn't have an 'official' version of their recovery for this device. Rooting really has become more difficult over the years. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. natiya

    Question recovery mode doesn't work

    I'm trying to access the recovery mode in my PC with the adb reboot recovery command but my smartphone shows the "No command" message and icon on the screen and after I while, it just restart normally. I just wanted to install Magisk so I did. C:\adb>adb reboot-bootloader C:\adb>fastboot...
  4. natiya

    Question Recovering files after bootloader

    I'm following this tutorial (sorry, it's in Spanish, if you need more info, let me know) and, as you can see the bootloader step is before the security copy step. I went to the details of that bootloader step and did what it says here and when my phone restarted I found I lost all my files...
  5. P

    Question Alcatel A574BL not detected by computer (USB)

    Hey, this is my first post. So I want to root my A574BL with KingoRoot, but when it gets to 90%, it hangs there for a few seconds and then returns an error: ROOT FAILED 0x14f5d1. When I search the error nothing appears. They then suggested me to use the PC version. So I went to grab my...
  6. Abhishek1025

    Galaxy S4 ,rooting

    I am new to rooting., How do i root my Galaxy S4-19500? Can anyone suggest me step by step instructions to do so.. Suggest me some really good ROM's for the S4. Also, can i unroot my Galaxy S4 and get back the original Android Kitkat ? :-P