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  1. D

    Solved! Which laptops better?

    Hi Guys Just looking for some general advice as to which laptop out of the two would be better...
  2. S

    Simple RPG EXP formula BUT!, in MS excel (??) :(

    Hello guys, i am in an urge to solve this problem. So, the story behind is there’s a game designing challenge that i wanted to participate and i went trough the application form, They asked my to make experience formula for RPG games, BUT ! it had to be in MS Excel. Can you guys enlighten me ...
  3. C

    Can't remember the name of an RPG(mmo?)) franchise?

    I'm looking for a game that i used to play in....2014?2015? It has a sequel too. The game was a boss fighting type game, and what i remember is a dinosaur boss at the beginning. The sequel i played in...2016?early 2017? I remember a butcher boss-thing from that game with a giant cleaver, kinda...
  4. M

    Looking for gaming headphones for RPG/Singleplayer

    So I've started to dedicate a bit of money upgrading my peripherals, and I've finally come to the unfortunate process of choosing a new pair of headphones - something I know little to nothing about. I don't want or need a headset, since I have a desk microphone. What I'm looking for is below...
  5. G

    Forgot the name of an old game

    I cant remember the name of a game i used to play on my android. It was very pixal-y. Like old school mario. I remember you turned your phone horizontal to play and you walked along in a straight line and killed things ( i cant remember with a gun or sword). You could also click on vases and...
  6. G

    Pyre Review Roundup: Indie Game of the Year?

    Here's what the critics are saying about Pyre, an adventure game that mashes together sports and fantasy elements. Pyre Review Roundup: Indie Game of the Year? : Read more
  7. A

    can i able to play dragon age inquisation on amd r5 m330 2 gb gpu

    can i able to play amd r5 m330 2 gb gpu at a great fps
  8. D

    Hyperx cloud 2 for rpg/movies and music (android mobile and pc)?

    Hi guys! I'm torn between hyperx cloud core, hyperx cloud 2 and hyperx revolver. Which one would be best for my usage? (Rpg: dragon age games, witcher games, etc. And watching movies/listening to music on the pc and android phone) The motherboard i'm using is asus maximus 4 extreme. As for...
  9. K

    Laptop for Wife

    so my wife decided she wants a laptop that is under 600 and can play some rpg type games, browsing, pictures. I know nothing about laptops or whats even decent. please send suggestions.
  10. D

    Trying to Find a mobile RPG I can't remember the title of.

    Howdy guys, I'm desperately trying to determine the title of this RPG I had for a while on my iPhone, where you were this kid with an antler stuck to your hat, and the whole world mysteriously turned into these artificial construct beings, and you had to fight them to free them to be in their...
  11. T

    RPG Game For Beginners

    I've never played an RPG game before. I really enjoy adventure games. I wanted to try something new and have been thinking about trying an RPG game. (download game free) I'm looking for any suggestions on where to begin with RPG games. Something for a newbie...adventure themed. I have a PC...
  12. J

    Best headphones under 80 dollars!

    For now, I'm kinda tied between the HyperX Cloud and the Sennheiser HD 429. I don't really care if there is a mic or not, I just want a good headphone for the price! I'll use them mostly for gaming and listening to music (rock and alternative rock, mainly). Also, if you have any recommendations...
  13. N

    Hybrid vs HDD, Laptop comments

    I am deciding between a MacBook pro13.3 non-retina, Lenovo Y50, and a Sager NP7338. I'm leaning towards the Sager, but I was curious... what is the difference between 1TB HDD with 7200RPM and a 1 TB HDD 5400 RPM 8GB SSD hybrid? What would be the performance difference be and is it worth 70...
  14. T

    Gaming Computer question

    My son plays many RPG games and he currently has a lap top. It is 2 years old and we did recently upgrade the memory card. He will be needing a computer with higher RPG's but I'm not sure the best way to go. A teacher mentioned a gaming computer to him and now that seems to be the path we are...
  15. rutherfordsc

    WildStar: Noobs Need Not Apply

    WildStar is a deep, rewarding experience for MMORPG vets but may put off newcomers to the genre. WildStar: Noobs Need Not Apply : Read more
  16. S

    Looking for a good gaming tab

    I want a tab to play mmo rpg games..........which will be the best????!!!!
  17. I

    Looking for a good rpg to play

    i am burnt out of the current rpg's i played which are dragon age orgins skyrim dark souls demon souls witcher 2 witcher 1 mass effect 1 mass effect 2 borderlands 1 and 2 Fallout: New Vegas
  18. G

    Kickstarter-Funded Shaker RPG Gets Mercy Killing

    Loot Drop has canceled its RPG game despite funding of nearly a quarter million dollars. Kickstarter-Funded Shaker RPG Gets Mercy Killing : Read more
  19. exfileme

    Gamers Spank Girls in Bizarre, Upcoming PSP RPG

    An upcoming Japanese RPG for Sony's PSP allows the gamer to spank and perform other punishments. Gamers Spank Girls in Bizarre, Upcoming PSP RPG : Read more
  20. G

    Flying Hotel Concept Supposedly Eco-friendly

    Finally, a craft that can fly around an entire team of RPG heroes in comfort. Flying Hotel Concept Supposedly Eco-friendly : Read more
  21. exfileme

    Professor Uses RPG-like Exp Rather Than Grades

    A professor is addressing the "gamer generation." Professor Uses RPG-like Exp Rather Than Grades : Read more
  22. exfileme

    Play RPG Games Using Google Wave?

    Gamers are already using Google Wave to play role-playing games. Play RPG Games Using Google Wave? : Read more
  23. Marcus Yam

    Wolfenstein RPG, Quake 3 Porting to iPhone

    Last summer, id Software’s programming guru John Carmack said that the iPhone was capable of graphics that we’ve seen from the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Wolfenstein RPG, Quake 3 Porting to iPhone : Read more
  24. G

    First console rpg?

    Archived from groups: rec.games.video.classic (More info?) I don't play rpg's. But I was delighted to inform my Nintendo worshiping nephew that the first console rpg was not Dragon Warrior on NES, but rather AD&D: Treasures of Tarmin on INTV! At least according to the scribes at wikipedia...