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    How to make MSI GE60 cool better?

    Hello, today, we have here somewhat about 30°C, and when I am playing games like Far Cry 4, although I have extra cooling and cooling pad, temperatures of both CPU and GPU raise up to 90°C. How to make cooling better, what do you think is maximum RPM that this laptops fans can handle (on max...
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    Anyway to Increase RPM of Cooler Pad?

    Hi All! I have a Deep Cool Multi Core x8 Cooler Pad. It runs at 1300RPM, but i am not satisfied in the cooling that i get. Is there a way of increasing the cooler pad's RPM? here are the Specs Rated Voltage: 5VDC Operating Voltage: 4.5~5VDC Staring Voltage: 4VDC Rated Current...