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  1. C

    rundll32.exe high network usage, should I get worried?

    I was playing games with a friend online and I started lagging heavily. We started the usual routine of alt-tabbing and checking our task manager to see whose fault it was and I noticed rundll32 (location: /Windows/system32, on W8.1) was at high disk and network usage. Things stabilized after a...
  2. R

    Solved! Is the csrss.exe and rundll32.exe (outside the system32) a trojan?

    So I have like 4 csrss.exe running the 2 is not on the protected processes on the task manager, actually rundll32.exe is not on the protected processes too. So what I did is, I stopped the rundll32.exe and csrss.exe (the other one) and I can't seem to terminate the program. The csrss.exe and...
  3. B

    windows 10 windows host process (rundll32)

    HI! the rundll32 has been using 33% (average) cpu speed. It seems unusual, someone explain for me? THank you!!! It's been doing this for about an hour now, halp, thanks! This only occurred once I updated from Windows 10 1511 to 1607 (anniversary update).
  4. saucell

    Stubborn Virus Contained By Norton But Not Killed, Is My RUNDLL32.exe Corrupt? HELP!

    hey guys, it looks like i have a stubborn virus on my computer that is contained by norton but not getting fixed. i installed a program i thought had a false positive, everything was fine for a week or so and then today norton started protecting me from something on my computer. i cant find...
  5. C

    Pretty sure I have some Virus, Avira and MB don't agree

    I'm pretty sure I have some malware or virus in my PC: weird processes in my Task Manager (like TWO rundll32.exe, and when I click on any of them and select "Open process's path" it does absolutely nothing), a window showing files copying without me doing anything etc etc, but both Avira and MB...
  6. G

    Http://www nvidia com/content/drivers/drivers asp

    Hola,no se como solucionar esto Nombre de evento de problema: APPCRASH Nombre de la aplicación: rundll32.exe Versión de la aplicación: 6.0.6000.16386 Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 4549b0e1 Nombre del módulo con errores: NVSVC.DLL Versión del módulo con errores: Marca de tiempo...
  7. G


    Hello How do I get a download so I can repair my rundll32 error
  8. A

    Rundll32 huge problem please help

    Alright so im having trouble on my laptop that i use for school that has may files that i desperately need. i really need help here guys. basically, it all started when I tried to back up a dvd. I have a very old starwars clone wars dvd that was badly scratched up, and i heard from a friend that...