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  1. L

    Moonlight running better on LTE than WIFI

    What the title says. Today I installed Moonlight on my Galaxy S7.. it ran extremely sluttery on my local WIFI (Tho with ethernet cable PC reaches stable 50 up 30 down). Decided to try it on my phone's LTE network and I got significantly better results. Still I doubt I can stream 1080p 60hz but...
  2. N

    Galaxy S7 "Do Not Disturb" exception list

    I want to create Do Not Disturb exceptions for S7, so a few family members can call me during "Do Not Disturb" time. I selected to receive calls from FAVORITE CONTACTS ONLY, but how do I create this list? Is this a CIRCLE? or a GROUP? or STARRED? Would appreciate assistance, with DETAILED...
  3. G

    is gear VR good?

    so i was thinking about getting the gear vr with the s7 edge but i'm afraid that it'll be bad....i've never ever tried vr before not even cardboard...so some people say that it's really bad and not immersive at all..and some other are saying that it's really immersive..my question is.is the gear...
  4. chiknwingding

    Is this a good deal?

    Hello all, I have been in the market for a laptop/ultrabook/2-in-1 for a little while now, and while I initially thought that I would go for the Surface Pro 3, I just couldn't see myself paying so much for what it offers. So, I began looking for a reasonably high-end, ultraportable laptop...