Nov 7, 2014
so i was thinking about getting the gear vr with the s7 edge but i'm afraid that it'll be bad....i've never ever tried vr before not even some people say that it's really bad and not immersive at all..and some other are saying that it's really question the gear vr immersive?i mean some people say that it's like putting a 2d screen near your face and i don't want that...i want a 3D experience..i want to feel like i'm IN THE game.i want to get immersed..i want to feel the magic of presence as oculus call can the gear vr deliver that immersive experience?and i know what i'm getting...i know that the resolution is not perfect and all..and as far as i know the oculus rift dk2 was pretty immersive..and the gear vr is as far as i know better than the dk2 right?i'll be getting it for gaming mainly and watching movies and some videos..
so is it good?oh and i can't get the oculus rift or htc vive cuz they're so damn expensive..
thanks in advance :D