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    Question Sager computer vs well known gaming computer brand?

    Hey all, this is my first post on here. I'm shopping for a gaming computer to play mid-high end games and need some advice. It looks like I can spend around $1,799 minimum on an Asus ROG computer with 16 gbs of DDR4 RAM, a Nvidia RTX 2060 6 gb gpu, Intel Core i7 9th generation cpu, 144 hz...
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    How much would you pay for a Sager NP9150?

    Hello! I'm not quite sure what thread this should go into, so I'm posting it here. I just wanted a pricecheck for a 1.5 year old Sager NP9150. It's like-new, with a few scratches around the DVI port. I'm planning on selling it locally, I wanted to know what was a good asking price. Anyway, down...