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    Charging problem for Samsung Galaxy S3

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 hasn't been charging properly. Sometimes on I will put it on the charger and it won't even charge. It will not change on any charger that isn't Samsung and it has been like this for awhile but note it's not even charging on the Samsung charger. I have to hold or place my...
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    dropped cell, won't turn on or charge

    My husband dropped my cell phone a few days ago, now it won't charge. It charged fine yesterday, now nothing. Do I need to get a new battery, phone or get software fixed?
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    Galaxy S3 touch messing up

    So a while ago i dropped my phone and got a crack in the screen, so i decided to replace the glass, and i did, but i have some issues. So when i turn it on it works perfectly fine, but then after a couple of minutes of use, the touch completely messes up, does not recognize my fingers and does...