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  1. F

    Solved! 2060 graphics for FX 8150

    Lookin' to upgrade AMD FX 8150 with a 2060 graphics card for VR. worth it or go for new build?
  2. Graybush

    The Mobile Gamer Gift Guide 2018

    Getting the perfect gift for the mobile gamer in your life is not easy. Big gifts are out of the question. So how do you compliment someone who is always on the go? Our gift guide is full of must-have items for mobile gamers and a few unique ideas you can't go wrong with. Samsung Gear VR -...
  3. G

    Samsung HMD Odyssey movement tracking

    So i know that with the vive and oculus your able to walk around the room so im wondering if I were to by the samsung odyssey would i be able to move around to or would be sationary Any help would be greatly appricated
  4. C

    i cant connect my Samsung HMD Odyssey to my GTX 970, how do i fix?

    I recently have gotten a windows mixed reality HMD from Samsung which has a HDMI cable for its display. I do not however have an HDMI (female) on my GTX 970 ( it does have 2.0 but its too small), I have tried an adapter for miniDP, but it just makes the screen inside the HMD black. HDMI works...
  5. loki1944

    How to remove Samsung Gear VR app

    How do you remove the Samsung gear VR app from the Samsung Galaxy note 8; there is no oculus app installed like I have seen described elsewhere from which to remove it? Just want to get this trash off the pholne without rooting.
  6. AndrewFreedman

    Why Galaxy Note 8 Is Best Phone for VR Yet

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 works in both the Gear VR headset as well as Google's Daydream View. Why Galaxy Note 8 Is Best Phone for VR Yet : Read more
  7. M

    Gear VR for INTEL Based GPU Desktop

    is it possible to use Samsung gear VR for PC with INTEL HD GRAPHIC Card ? (since Geforce Experience is not compatible)
  8. shrapnel_indie

    Need ASSISTANCE with Gear VR and AMD GPU usage

    How do I play games with a Samung GearVR and AMD GPU on my PC? The NVidia tutorials seem to be practically exclusive to NVidia. So, I need help adapting one to AMD or pointed to one that already exists. Is someone willing to assist me in this endeavor? (Please, no "shoulda gone green" or "Go...
  9. Lycaone

    The bare minimum to play VR

    Hi guys, i'd like to know the cheapest PC parts to play VR games. I've heard that the absolute minimum is a Skylake i5 (or any 4 cores CPU) and a GTX 1060, but i'm pretty confident that you can play VR with lower end stuff. I'd even like to know if the amount of RAM matters in VR games (cause...
  10. J

    How to play Steam games with your Samsung Gear VR

    There is a lot to love about Steam. While it has its own VR system, you can also play Steam games with your Samsung Gear VR. So if you don’t have the $600 to drop on an Oculus Rift, this could be your next best option. It isn’t exactly a seamless experience but it is possible to play Steam...
  11. J

    Play Google Cardboard apps on the Samsung Gear VR

    Back in the early days of Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard, you needed to sideload Cardboard apps to make them work on a Gear VR. Now, with the cunningly titled ‘Play Cardboard apps on Gear VR’ app, you can play whatever you like without having to sideload a thing. Here’s how to play Google...
  12. J

    How to play PS4 games on the Samsung Gear VR

    If you own a Samsung Gear VR and don’t want to buy the PSVR, you can stream from your PS4 to a PC and then on to your Gear VR should you want to. If you really want to play PS4 games on the Samsung Gear VR, here’s how to do it. You will need a PlayStation 4, a PS4 controller, PC with an Nvidia...
  13. J

    How to clean and maintain your Samsung Gear VR

    Look after your equipment and your equipment will look after you. Spending a little time on cleaning and maintaining your Samsung Gear VR and it will look good and work well for longer. Given that things can get quite hot in there, keeping the comfort padding clean is very important. Here’s how...
  14. J

    How to prevent overheating with the Samsung Gear VR

    After the scare of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it is natural to not want your Samsung Gear VR to overheat your phone when using it. When running the Gear VR, the handset battery heats up significantly. While not an issue in the vast majority of cases, it can overheat during prolonged use. If you...
  15. J

    Gear VR won’t launch how to fix

    The Samsung Gear VR is an excellent headset but like any new technology has had its teething problems. It will occasionally throw up an issue that can interrupt your experience too. One of which is the where the Oculus app will not start properly. If your Gear VR won’t launch, here’s how to fix...
  16. J

    Samsung Gear VR vs Google Daydream: Mobile VR showdown

    The Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream both offer decent quality virtual reality without the huge price tag. It is that ideal middle ground between those early VR viewers that didn’t work very well and the current flagship models that will cost you over $600. But which is best? The Samsung Gear...
  17. J

    How to use a Bluetooth gamepad with your Samsung Gear VR

    Many Samsung Gear VR experiences don’t require a gamepad to enjoy. Some more advanced and involved games benefit hugely from using a gamepad. Fortunately, Oculus officially supports three gamepads while others are known to work even if they aren’t officially backed by Oculus. Here is how to use...
  18. J

    How to set up and install your Samsung Gear VR

    If you’re unboxing right now and want to know how to set up and install your Samsung Gear VR, you’re in the right place. Having recently done this very thing myself, I shall show you how to quickly get your new headset up and running so you can make the most of the immersive experience it...
  19. G

    Best of Mobile World Congress 2017

    We pick our favorite phones, tablets and accessories that we saw after scouring the show floor at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Best of Mobile World Congress 2017 : Read more
  20. J

    How to use the Samsung Gear VR with your iPhone

    Someone asked me the other day how to use the Samsung Gear VR with your iPhone. I have also received a couple messages here on Tom’s Hardware asking that same thing. So to help as many people as possible, I thought I would post a quick answer here. The TL;DR is that you cannot use the Samsung...
  21. J

    What is Samsung Gear VR Comfort Mode and how to use it

    Samsung Gear VR Comfort Mode is a setting that alters the warmth of the lighting within the VR experience. Depending on your eyes or taste, the neutral light setting may or may not work. Comfort Mode allows you to adjust that to be more cool or warmer depending on your needs or time of day. To...
  22. J

    How to adjust and fit your Samsung Gear VR

    The Samsung Gear VR may be light and comfortable but after a couple of hours of use even that will need adjusting or you will need a rest. If you can adjust and fit your Samsung Gear VR so it is as comfortable as possible, it only enhances the experience. Here’s how. There are two straps that...
  23. J

    How to download and install apps for your Samsung Gear VR

    The Oculus Store is where you download and install apps for your Samsung Gear VR. It is accessible when using the headset and makes browsing and buying simple. You can browse and download using just your handset, but that defeats the object of using VR I think. The early Oculus Store was a...
  24. J

    The best accessories to buy for your Samsung Gear VR

    Having the Gear VR and a Galaxy phone are just the beginning of your virtual reality journey. To get the very best out of the experience, there are a range of top quality accessories to buy for your Samsung Gear VR. Here are just a few of them. SteelSeries Stratus XL Not all Samsung Gear VR...
  25. J

    How to play PC games with your Samsung Gear VR

    At first glance, the stable of games available for the Samsung Gear VR seem modest compared to Steam. But what if you could play PC games with your Samsung Gear VR? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well you can. You will need a few things to get it working though. You will obviously need a Samsung Gear...
  26. J

    How to save battery life when using the Samsung Gear VR

    The Samsung Gear VR is powered by a Samsung Galaxy phone so battery life something you need to manage if you want to get the best out of your device. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has decent battery life under normal use, but add the rigors of running games and VR content and it soon takes its toll...
  27. G

    Best Samsung Gear VR Apps

    From learning to mediate, watching movies or just being social, here are the best apps for your Samsung Gear VR. Best Samsung Gear VR Apps : Read more
  28. G

    Samsung Gear VR Headset Coming This September

    Samsung is reportedly working on a Oculus Rift competitor that the company will debut at IFA 2014 this September. Samsung Gear VR Headset Coming This September : Read more