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    Question Connecting Samsung Smart TV to old DVD player

    I have a set of different cables but despite trying to connect my old Panasonic DVD player to a new Samsung Smart TV, still shows no signal on AV The cable 1 is a Yilan replacement for Samsung with female yellow, red, blue and female red and white The cable 2 is two sided male yellow, red, white
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    Setting up a Samsung smart tv to a sound bar with limited connections

    So the tv model is UN32J4500AFXZASKU and I'm helping a friend set it up but we found out it doesn't have a digital out port nor a headphone jack to connect through. We gave up on getting the soundbar to work so now we are using some Logitech computers speakers but the problem is how to get the...
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    Vertical green line while Screen Mirroring, Windows 10

    Hey guys, I've had a problem screen mirroring (miracasting) my laptop display through my new Samsung JU6200 Smart TV. My laptop runs on Windows 10, I googled my problem and found that I should update my display driver. I searched AMD's website and downloaded the latest drivers. Still the...
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    Samsung SmartTV Netflix App Soundbar issue

    I have a Samsung Smart TV and a Vizio Soundbar. (they are hooked up with a digital optical cable) The Netflix app will not play thru the sound bar but all other apps will. If I watch Netflix on my bluray player, the sound comes thru the soundbar. The bluray player is hooked up to the Smart tv...