Question Connecting Samsung Smart TV to old DVD player

Jan 11, 2020
I have a set of different cables but despite trying to connect my old Panasonic DVD player to a new Samsung Smart TV, still shows no signal on AV
The cable 1 is a Yilan replacement for Samsung with female yellow, red, blue and female red and white
The cable 2 is two sided male yellow, red, white
If you use the component video outputs of the DVD that will give you a better picture.
The DVD Y green RCA jack goes to the yellow video female RCA on cable 1. The red and blue video RCA females go to the same color RCA jacks for component video. The red and white line 2 audio outputs go to the same color audio female RCA plugs on the cable 1.
You may have to select component video in the TV menu. You will get a BW picture if it's not set correctly. Make sure that the component output is turned on in the DVD. You may need to temporarily use the composite video connection to see the DVD menu to do that.
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