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  1. R

    After Effects taking 10 hours to render 2 minute video (i7 processor)!

    My current setup is i7 4770k 3.5GHz Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120GB (Which I am rendering to) 8GB DDR3 Ram I'm trying to render a 2 minute video with these settings 1920 x 1080, .mp4 The After Effects preset is "YouTube HD 1080p 29.97 fps The footage used and the project files are on my HDD, but I...
  2. C

    Messed up my ultrabook

    I have a Samsung NP530U4BL, and I was installing windows on an SSD I put in it, and at the menu where you select your hard drive, I noticed there were more partitions than one, so I deleted them. After deleting them they didn't all merge together like I expected. Come to find out those...
  3. E

    Old Laptop w/ ssd Vs. New Laptop w/ better APU

    Hello, Nice forum, very knowledgeable. I'm in need of a laptop while on a budget of $400. I've narrowed my search down to: -a used Lenovo T400 + Samsung 128 GB ssd + 9cell battery -an Asus w/ an a8-4500m 7640g APU LINK ASUS Which is the better purchase overall? Thanks,
  4. B

    Samsung SSD Magician

    Hi I have a Samsung SSD 830 series and I installed Samsung Magician Software v 4.0 on Windows 8 Pro x64. What bothers me a lot is that every boot/restart of the pc, the UAC popup window appears (that is normal) asking for permission to let Samsung Magician make changes to the computer. That is...
  5. bilalbinrais

    Lenovo e430 normal cpu temperatures

    i5-3210m. 8 gigs ram 120GB samsung ssd. 840 series gt630m nvidia even when browsing, cpu temp ranges from 60~70 degree celcius.. is that ok??? i dont think so. PS. I have tried lifting it up from back to provide air. I have tried notebook coolers. Notebook is brand new so no dust...
  6. C

    Magician software for mac

    Hello, God day sir ! Do you have Software Magician for Mac. The disc allong with the Samsung SSD 500 GB is for PC only.
  7. P

    Laptop HDD DoA?

    Hi everyone! I just received my new ultrabook in the mail from newegg. It's a toshiba u845W. When i turned it on the first time, the boot option was set to the Samsung SSD (Which is an SSD Cache, or something?) So i set it to boot from the Hitatchi 500GB HDD and set my windows preferences. i was...
  8. 0

    About Compatability

    Hello, can somebody tell me, Samsung SSD 830 2.5inch SATA III 6GBps 512GB (notebook) comparability with Dell xps L401x
  9. O

    1.8 micro SATA to 2.5 regular SATA?

    I just bought a 128gb Samsung SSD, but only now did I realize that it actually comes without a case and is in a 1.8 formfactor with a microsata connection. Do any of you guys know of a caddy type thing that will convert this into a 2.5 sata drive for installation into a normal laptop? Thanks!