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    Weird email from a phone number?

    So today I got an email from a what looks like a random phone number I've never seen before. All the text said was my name sort of spread out like almost taunting or playful (Ex. if my name were Maria it would be spelled like "marrrriiaaaaaaaaa") By phone number i mean like it says the phone...
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    Is my repair guy trying to scam me?

    So I had an MSI GT72 2QE laptop, but something went wrong with it. Over the past few months, the DC pin on the charger would get burning hot and the laptop would flicker between charging and not charging randomly, but at other times it would be completely fine. I now realize this is something I...
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    Magical Jelly Bean SCAM!!

    Does anyone ve a contact number for magical jelly bean? They stole over $300 from my bank account.
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    Javascript Popup Scam

    Hello, So I was just browsing when I got a message popup on the screen quite clearly the work of a scam artist but I was just wondering how far it goes and if I need to do a system restore/reinstall. So here it goes. The message pops up basically trying to scare me into paying this d**k head...
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    Possibly a scam?

    A friend of mine has been offered a modeling thing... by a scout who supposedly works for Yo Model ... the first thing the person asked was hwr bra size and offered her a topless shoot... she was asked via Facebook and the person isn't linked to any agencies nor are there any like... kind of...