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    Solved! How much does lowering the screen brightness on a laptop affect battery life?

    Hi everyone. I am curious, as a general rule, how much does lowering the screen brightness on a laptop affect its battery life? Like, how much longer battery life can one expect in general when running a laptop's screen brightness at 100% vs 75% vs 50% vs 25% vs 0%? Thank you.
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    Can't Adjust Screen Brightness

    I have a Dell Inspiron Gaming 7000 (7567) and can't seem to adjust my screen brightness. I can "adjust" it as my buttons allow the brightness slider move on the screen but the actual brightness of my screen does not change. Things I've Tried: -Adjust/Messing around with the display settings in...
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    brightness hp 15-r269

    Hey guys I have a problem with my brightness, it doesn't work. When I click on brightness buttons , they doesn't change anything. Maybe I should install a drivers, if I do can you find it for me because I searched all over the net but without and success.
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    Laptop Brightness and Close Lid Options are Not Working After Changing the Screen.

    I have a samsung NP300E5Z-S02IN laptop. Recently the screen was damaged then i changed it with new one. Now a new problem was arose in my laptop. these are the problems of my screen. 1. Screen Brightness is not working.(I tried to update driver to Microsoft basic display driver) 2. Screen not...
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    Cannot adjust notebooks screenbrightness

    Hey guys, I was wondering if maybe some of you can help me with a problem which I have with a notebook of mine. The notebook's model is a MSI GX60 with the amd A10-4600m processor. Recently a friend of mine borrowed the machine and he installed windows 7 on it, ruining the recovery partition...