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    Laptop Screen problem... Showing Lines in Screen!!!

    There are 3-4 lines that have been detected at the bottom of my laptop screen over last 3-4 months. What is the solution? What can I do to solve the problem? Laptop Model: Lenovo Z51-70 Product Number: 80k6 Sorry for bad English. Please help... Urgent needed Pictures for showing the...
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    Lenovo Y510p red pixels in black color

    Screen flickered once and red pixels appeared in place of black color. I connected to an external monitor through VGA and to TV through HDMI, both external displays are fine. Even lenovo logo at start up and bios menu has this problem.Next morning I turned on the laptop it was fine and then...
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    acer aspire screen has gray shadow spot on right side

    ascer aspire has gray shadow spot about 1.5 inch diameter on upper right side , this spot just appeared and I cannot make it disappear