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  1. nickglynn7

    Solved! I have a samsung J4+ got it for xmas 8gb plus a SD card for 64GB

    why are so many appa I download only available to be stored on internal storage. dublin bus act. This means my SD card is nearly empty. Any suggestions. might just go to the computer shops, apparently they can root and fix this problem. Any suggestions to a novice. willing to pay to get extra...
  2. K

    just bought a 16GB sd card

    how can i make the apps i want to download be automatically installed to my sd card instead of my internal memory?
  3. B

    How do I make it where when I download apps from the playstore to go straight to my SD card. I have a ZTE Android

    I have a ZTE Android phone and I can't move any apps to my SD card am I able to make it where when I download it, it will go straight to my SD card if so how? And if not thanks for trying to help
  4. D

    Samsung J1 won't read sd card

    I am trying to mount an Sd card on my new Samsung J1. I tried 3 different ones. Two of them I use them on my Samsung tablet and on the previous Samsung mobile phone. They did not work so I purchased a new one. I formatted it but still, the mobile won't read it. I switched the mobile off and...
  5. K

    How do I change the default storage to SD? LG L Fino

    I've been through other threads and most of them have given the same link to a tutorial that is completely useless for LG. I don't want to root it but it looks like the only solution at this point.
  6. D

    how to download apps by default to SD card on htc 510

    I have a problem to downloading games and apps to my SD, but every time I try to it says I don't have enough space i need advice
  7. A

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A

    I've bought my wife a Galaxy Tab A for Christmas. It has 16MG capapcity, would it be compatible with a 64MG SD card?
  8. GeRgY

    How To Move Apps To An SD Card On Android #2

    How to Move Installed Apps to SD Card in Android? Almost every smart phone or tablet that is available nowadays in the market and uses android OS has an additional memory card slot in which users can insert the SD card to get additional data storage space (most of the android devices). If your...
  9. T

    SD card not detected by Galaxy Tab 4

    Hello, I just bought a 16 gb microSD HC card for my Galaxy Tab 4 7", but it is not being detected. I tried it on my phone and PC and works just fine, but my tablet is not reading it. Does anyone know why this is happening.? I also tried my phone's sd card on the tablet and it doesn't read it...
  10. S

    How do i transfer my music files from internal storage to my SD card? For a LG tribute 2.

    How do i transfer my music files from internal storage to my SD card? For a LG tribute 2.
  11. G

    how to move apps to sd card..?? i do not have move to sd card option in samsung starpro

    I am using samsung starpro GT-S7262..It do not have move to SD card option.How can i move the apps to SD card..??
  12. H

    How do I move internal memory apps to external SD card on a LG G Vista, Model LG-D631

    I have a LG G Vista Model LG-D631 cell phone. I have downloaded a number of apps of which have taken over my internal storage capacity of 4 GB's. Installed a 32 GB SD reader When I am unable to download something, I am forced to go into my apps and uninstall various apps so that I have enough...
  13. D

    How can I recover damaged/corrupted files from SD? None of the options work

    Hello, I think it's a lost cause but I would like to ask a question. I am trying to help my wife to "recover" some of the pictures she took that are not opening in the computer, here are some of the specifications: 1. We can actually read the SD without any problem. 2. Some of the pictures are...
  14. MorrowindExplorer

    How to Convert SD 480p to HD 720p on a iMac

    I want to convert some of my SD movies to HD Movies, I would like to play them in 16:9 720p but how would i accomplish that, and with what kind of program (The Program can be Paid or free) and i am using a iMac Late 2006