How can I recover damaged/corrupted files from SD? None of the options work


Feb 28, 2015
Hello, I think it's a lost cause but I would like to ask a question.

I am trying to help my wife to "recover" some of the pictures she took that are not opening in the computer, here are some of the specifications:

1. We can actually read the SD without any problem.
2. Some of the pictures are displayed like shown in the link below, there, you can actually read the "size" and "dimensions", as well as looking at the preview icon.

3. However, we cannot see the preview, nor the dimensions of the other files, only the size. As shown here:

4. I have already run, Photorec, and ZAR, and they haven't fixed any of those.

5. When I open the files all I get is the small square with a small red "X".

I am thinking that this may be a different than some of the other cases where people cannot even access their SD card. I think that even though we can read the card, it may have some bad sectors or be corrupted.

Anyways, thank you for your help, I would appreciate any suggestions. Have a good one!