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  1. shingekichan

    Solved! Is ValueRam KVR24S17S8/8 by Kingston compatible with my Lenovo-L340 Gaming?

    Hello folks, I am planning to buy an additional 8GB upgrade to my laptop, I searched and they showed Kingston KCP424SS8/8 is the one compatible. I can't find it in online stores in the Philippines, but ValueRam KVR24S17S8/8 is available on the market. Is it compatible with my...
  2. B

    Question Really bad Laptop performance

    I'm gonna have to go in a bit of detail here so please hang on: I have a 2 years old Acer E5-572G 525V. The laptop was quite a bang for the buck in my limited budget and actually performed better than I expected it to. Everything was good... Then around 4 months back I decided to add another 8...
  3. Y

    Solved! Getting +4gb ram to my 2x4gb

    Hello actually i just read lots of questions about rams but still i want to be sure of it. I have this ram x2 (8gb) CMSX4GX3M1A1600C9 (1600mhz,cl9,1.5v) And thinking to buy this Kingston 4GB DDR3 1600MHz Notebook Ram KVR16S11S8/4 (CL 11 , 1.5v) Do you guys think this would work?(my laptop...
  4. Z

    Solved! Installing windows from USB

    Hey, I am trying to install windows 10 from usb stick to ASUS E402A laptop (that is using emmc memory). I have 3 different usb sticks, one is official windows, one is kingston datatraveller ,and one is some random usb 2.x stick. Windows iso file i generated from windows media creation tool and...
  5. B

    Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger or Razer Electra v2

    Hello guys.I want to buy a cheap gaming headset and I cant decide between Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger or Razer Electra v2, what you gonna suggest me ?
  6. F

    Kingston HyperX Cloud ALPHA Headset

    Hello, I'm planning to buy Kingston HyperX Cloud ALPHA Headset, but i was wondering will they work, will they work good, on an older PC, older motherboard. Will they sound as good on an older PC as on a new one. Also do i need to buy something else with it or can i just plug it in my PC and it...
  7. T

    HyperX Revolver S mic quality over VoIP

    So I recently bought a HyperX Revolver S expecting it to be a complete improvement to my $50 headset. Once it was setup my friends commented on the slight drop of mic quality over teamspeak(The channel was set to the highest audio bitrate as well). Later one of these friends was watching my...
  8. I

    Looking for budget headphones for gaming and music

    I have a budget of $60 and I'm using the headset mainly for gaming but would like something that sounds good when listening to music as well.It doesn't really matter if it has a mic but it would be better if it did have a decent mic since I travel a lot and it's a hassle to bring my Blue...
  9. C

    Lenovo G580 ram help

    Hi guys :) I want to upgrade my G580's 4gb ram with another 4gb stick. Currently the laptop has this stick in it. My local shop has more options, but two which are in my budget are the Kingston KVR16S11S8/4 and the Kingston KCP316SS8/4 . Looking at the specs, both are identical to my current...
  10. J

    128gb ssd size good ?

    Is it worth getting a 128gb Kingston ssd for 35 dollars I'm looking to get an sssd already have a 500 go hard drive
  11. R

    Photos and videos can't be opened.

    Photos and videos taken on Kingston micro sim, on SJ5000 camera. seems that they appears on the disk with image size and all their properties (photos and videos) but can't be opened on computer or even on the camera... I tried to open in several programs but was not able to
  12. J

    MSI GT72VR 7RD-462 question about M2 and NVMe compatibility

    Is the socket M2 of this laptop capable of using an M2 like Kingston KC1000 NVMe PCIe SSD M.2? I mean use it even if not reach the max speed
  13. M

    Can my Motherboard power the Kingston HyperX Cloud?

    I've been looking to buy the Kingston HyperX Cloud headset as they have dropped to £49 on AmazonUK, but because because they're 60 OHM and I've been using 33 OHM gaming headsets for years like Turtle Beach, do you think my motherboard has the onboard audio to power these Headset? My Motherboard...
  14. D

    is kingston kvr16ls11/8 compatible with my toshiba satellite c55-a5285

    need to know if this memory is compatible with my laptop
  15. N

    HyperX Cloud Core Microphone Not Working

    I recently purchased a Cloud Core Headset from Best Buy and I got home and connected it and the Audio worked great. My Laptop has only a single audio/mic port with a headphone symbol and when I plugged it in my computer didn't pick it up or anything. I assumed that it would work since the plug...
  16. T

    looking for a comfortable headset for big ears and glasses with great sound

    I have been using Kingston's HyperX CloudX for a few months. I have no complaints with the sound quality. However, they are supposedly very comfortable and your ears should have plenty of distance from the speakers. Although, I have rather big ears that fill the entirety of the cups, and my ears...
  17. Amedinno

    No signal from RX 480

    Everything looks right but no signal. Specs i5 6400 H110M-S2V 8GB Kingston DDR4 PSU Aerocool VX-750
  18. A

    Help with my phone

    A couple of days ago i bought a kingston SD card 8G for my alcatel onetouch because the storage was full so i move the important things to my SD card but for some reason my whatsapp dont want to move so what should i do
  19. metalhusky

    What's the difference between HyperX Cloud and Qpad QH-85 Pro, beside that one is open?

    Hi, so what's the difference between HyperX Cloud and Qpad QH-85 Pro? From what i understand the HyperX Cloud is also made by Qpad QH-85 Pro, but Kingston branded, they go for the same price, so the quality should be the same. The only difference i can see is that HyperX Cloud is closed and...
  20. C

    HyperX Cloud II or Cloud Core Headset

    I purchased an Xbox one s and need a new headset that will work with both it and my PC. I decided on getting the HyperX headset because i enjoy the comfort and sound of the headset, but i am not sure if I would be better getting the dual 3.5 Hyper X Cloud Core or the Cloud II with the USB 7.1...
  21. G

    Kingston Cloud Core w/ USB 7.1 Surround Sound Dongle?

    This might be a dumb question because I can of course buy a Cloud 2 instead but I already have a Cloud Core and I really want to try out 7.1 Surround sound because I'm playing CSGO and many people are saying that 7.1 surround sound is very essential in tracking your opponents. Thanks in Advance
  22. T

    Kingston HyperX Cloud with Razer Surround vs HyperX Cloud II

    I'm going to replace my headset which I use for gaming and everyday tasks, and I was looking at the HyperX Cloud/Cloud 2. The difference between the two is about 30-40 dollars (I'm in Canada), and I want to know if it's worth it. Also, I use Razer Surround to get 7.1 surround sound on my...
  23. Awesomlego

    Logitech G230 vs Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger?

    Which headset should I go with? I have heard amazing things about HyperX's memory foam pads, but also amazing things about Logitech headsets. Which should I get? Or other sub-$50 headsets? Thank You!
  24. ThePotatoGamer

    Which out of the 3 headsets is best?

    So I can choose between The Kingston HyperX cloud core, Razer Kraken Mobile or Steelseries siberia 200. I was looking for a $100 AUD headset and my local store has these 3 at this price point. Which is better?
  25. K

    Can i have virtual 7.1 on my Superlux HD685 with an external sound card?

    I have the Superlux HD685 for a time now and i love it, and i also play a lot and i want to have virtual 7.1 for game purposes only. Is it possible with an external sound card like with the Kingston hyperx cloud2 ?
  26. R

    Looking for a gaming headset

    I have found 2 headsets, the razer man o war and the hyperx cloud 2, I m torn out on which headset I should pick, I got the money and I don t really care about the value, I game on PC and PS4, so which headset is the better of the two?
  27. R

    Razer ManO'War vs Hyperx Cloud 2

    I'm torn out on which headset I should pick, I got the money and I don't really care about the value, and I want the best performance, comfort, durability, and versatility, I game on PC and PS4, so which headset is the better of the two?
  28. S

    Should I Purchase the Kingston Hyperx Cloud 2?

    Hello, after buying a pair of Logitech G430s I have decided to buy a new pair of headphones due to the amount of sound and application issues the G430s have given me. After a brief research on which specific headphone to purchase the Kingston Hyperx Cloud 2's shined the brightest. With a good...
  29. F

    Laptop HP620 won't boot with new Kinkstone ram

    I'm trying to expand my HP 620 ( Intel Pentium Processor T4500 (2.3 GHz, 1MB L2 cache, 800 MHz FSB) with this Kingstone 4gb RAM...
  30. Z

    Kingston Hyperx cloud 2 usb adapter stopped working

    Kingston Hyperx cloud 2 usb adapter stopped working during use tonight. Started getting fuzz and feedback while my computer no longer recognized it as an option. Headset worked on its own however usb adapter lost on/off light for 7.1 and no audio in or out. Tried on multiple computers to no...
  31. LeKeiser

    Nvidia Shield: microsd card or external hard disk?

    Hello all, I just bought a Nvidia Shield and started to play with it yesterday. I ordered a 64GB Kingston Class 10 microsd card that I received today. But I had a Seagate Momentus 5400.6 2"5 hard disk so I used it with the shield and used it as internal storage. I installed a few apps...
  32. P

    Using a Kingston Workspace USB loaded with my company software. Must change to Legacy Mode in bios for USB to be recognized.

    Processor speed and external hard drive
  33. B

    HyperX Cloud 2 Microphone not working

    Hello, I recieved my HyperX cloud 2 a day ago. I'd been waiting a few days for this package, so I was fairly excited to test it out. The audio works fine and the headset feels very comfy, but when I tried to call my friend on Skype he pointed out that my microphone wasn't working, The...
  34. R

    Steelseries or HyperX?

    Hello, I am currently looking for a headset, that would be good for gaming, but also for listening to music/videos. Currently I am deciding if I should buy either SteelSeries siberia 200 or HyperX Cloud. If I would go for the clouds, do you thing Cloud II are worth the extra money? I don't need...
  35. noriel11

    DDR3 Sodimm RAM Replacement

    Hello, I'm upgrading my laptop Asus k52f. It has existing ram of 2gb Asint 1333mhz. I installed Kingston kcp313ss8/4 133mhz but my laptop wont start. Only the power led indicator is working. Please help me regarding this. Thank you so much.
  36. E

    kingston hyperx v2 csgo sound

    Hello. Yesterday i bought kingston hyperx v2 headphones and when i play csgo its sounds so weird and mettalic i tried update drivers and it says that i already have the newest drivers.I tried put it on different ports but nothing changes i dont have any idea what to do please help.
  37. M

    Best headphone & mic combination from $100?

    I have a Kingston HyperX Cloud headset, the sound quality is great, but I'm thinking if there's anything more worthy from the Hi-Fi department (and a clip-on mic) that could top it for about $100 at most. I've been suggested here and on other forums, that there are a few good pairs of (stereo...
  38. U

    The airplane adapter for the Kingston HyperX Cloud II headset won't fit into my ASUS Sound card jacks - Any replacement?

    Just like the title says, I got a Kingston HyperX Cloud II headset and I got an airplane adapter with it to use for my 3.5mm jack, but since the thing is a square with straight jacks, it cannot fit into my sound card, only the front of my PC (which is the realtek motherboard sound and I do not...
  39. N

    What is the best headset for FPS gamers? Help me decide!

    Help me decide between Kingston HyperX Cloud II and SteelSeries Siberia Elite Prism. I am looking for a good sound quality, not comfort. The HyperX Cloud 2 doesn't have a software for customizing sound so I am afraid I can't hear footsteps clearly as I do before. I am currently using Razer...
  40. J

    Intel Pentium G3258 + kingston 4gb hyperX fury

    is pentium g3258 + kingston 4gb hyperX fury 1866mhz good for photoshop? i want answers not arguements =) thanx
  41. F

    HyperX cloud core volume?

    This might sound stupid but I recently got my new HyperX Cloud core and I've been trying to find out how to change the sound volume of it. Is there a specific program to download or what exactly am I supposed to do?
  42. U

    Gaming/music headphones under $100

    Hey im looking for some good quality headphones/heaset under $100 for both gaming and music (edm ,rock etc.) closed back preferrably for bass. Was looking at Hyper x cloud 2's cause they can either be headphones/headset. looking for it to be versatile also (mobile, ps4, pc ) Pls help with...
  43. G

    Would a soundcard improve headset quality?

    Hello, I have a Kingston Hyper X II headset. While good, I was expecting it to be better based off the hype or good reviews for it. I am debating on whether or not I want to get a more premium headset in the future. For now, I was thinking maybe I should add a soundcard to my computer and maybe...
  44. S

    Need a help on upgrading ram

    I'm thinking about upgrading my notebook's RAM .. currently it have a DDR3L kingston 4gb ram having 2 RAM slots Is it good to upgrade it to 12gb.... I mean will there be significant performance increase... will opening my laptops backside void my warranty?
  45. Lekingmoonya

    Headset static and not detected

    I recently bought the HyperX cloud II headset but I have a few problems: 1, Constant static that becomes worse when I listen to audio. 2, When I plug it directly into my headphone jack, it doesn't detect the headset. Here are my specs: i7-5820K AMD r9 390 ASUS x99-a Corsair 16gb ddr4 CM 212...
  46. R

    HyperX Cloud 2 7.1 surround Question

    Is the surround sound on or off when the light is on or off?
  47. R

    Comparing Some Headsets

    So, I have an interest in Steelseries Siberia 200 (or older version v2, v3) and Kingston HyperX Cloud II. Also I'm interested with Audio Technica ATH-M40X but I need recommendation for the microphone since Antlion Modmic and Zalman ZM-1 probably unavailable in my country. If you have another...
  48. T

    Kingston HyperX Cloud I vs HyperX Cloud Core

    Hi, Just wondering what the difference is between the Kingston HyperX Cloud Core and the HyperX Cloud I is, I can't seem any difference between the two except for the Cloud Core being cheaper. Cloud Core: Cloud I (One)...
  49. N

    Laptop wont recognize ssd

    I recently bought an hddcaddy and kingston sdd to use in my laptop. but for some reason my laptop wont recognize the caddy and ssd at all. How could i fix this issue Caddy: Acer Aspire E5-573G HDD Caddy SSD: Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB SSD Laptop: Acer Aspire E5-573G-57ZU
  50. Hayden Voegtle

    New headset lets me hear stuff but I can't speak through it

    Hello everyone, I just got a Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro headset and I started playing battlefield 4 with it and I can hear all the game play but I can't seem to figure out how to use the mic to talk to other players. Is there something in the settings I need to configure? I had a cheap headset...
  51. T

    Which Headphones/set should I get?

    At the moment I am unsure weather I should get the Kingston HyperX Cloud II or Audio Technica ATH M40X (with an external mic). They have a $30 (USD) price difference (price not including mic with the M40X). I will be gaming and listening to music with them. Also, suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  52. Z

    Best Gaming Headset for under $100

    I was wondering which of these headsets would be the best choice. These are the only ones available in my area and these are the ones that would fit in my budget. Kingston HyperX Cloud - This is the cheapest one out of them all. Corsair Vengeance 1400 G.Skill SV710 - This has 7.1 surround, but...
  53. F

    What's the difference between the Kingston HyperX Cloud Core and Cloud?

    I have already ordered my Cloud Core headset but I wanted to make sure if I made the right decision. The core was a bit cheaper and was a newer version of the normal Cloud headset. I wanted to know the difference between the Cloud 1 and Cloud core (I already know cloud 2 is better for its 7.1...
  54. L

    Logitech g430 or Xyperx cloud 2?

    Both have virtual surround 7.1, but hyperx cloud 2 seems to have a slightly better sound, and logitech g430 have a good software and the surround works better than the other (at least this is what I understood from all the reviews I found). Which one do yoy suggest to buy? Would you suggest...
  55. N

    Which gaming headset should I get?

    Here are some of my ideas... SteelSeries Siberia V2 $39.99 Kingston HyperX Cloud Core Pro...
  56. RobertasK

    Problems installing OS on laptop with ssd

    Hello guys i have problem its when i try to install windows 7 from usb on laptop it freezes on installation screen, bios sucks can do anything on it even cant change mode from achi to sata(there isnt any option), My laptop model : asus eee pc 1101ha Any suggestions? Sorry for bad english
  57. K

    HyperX Cloud II 7.1

    Every time I turn on my PC I always have to turn on my 7.1 on the USB. It turns off by itself when I turn my PC and its kind of getting annoying. Does anybody else have to turn it one every time you turn on the computer? Is my headset defective?
  58. T

    HyperX Cloud 1 or 2?

    Hi, I want to get either the Kingston HyperX Cloud 1 or 2 headset, but am having trouble deciding between them. I know that the advantages of the Cloud 2 are memory foam headband, 7.1 surround sound, and a noise cancelling mic. I want to know if the 7.1 is good and if it is worth the extra 20...
  59. Edgy_

    Kingston HyperX cloud one driver out.

    I'm starting to get pissed off by Kingston, this is the 3rd replacement of these headphones due to a driver going out and this time I did nothing. I am now wondering, is there a way to fix this or do I have to replace my headphones for the 4th time
  60. MystoPigz

    HyperX Cloud 2 or Logitech G35?

    I was browsing for a gaming headset online and I found two headsets that have great reviews about them, and I cannot choose between them. Which is better in terms of their 7.1 surround sound capability, like hearing footsteps and sound positioning? As for the microphone quality, as long it is...