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Forum discussion tagged with Pictures.
  1. john vitz

    having trouble doing multiple cuts on gimp

    i am using gimp and every stupid time i need to cut a new part on the picture it does not cut(when i select the new cut area the rest of the image is gone and only the cut part stays). also when i deselect the cutting tool what i cut out comes back. only thing i can think of out of this simple...
  2. W

    URGENT: How to store videos etc... on sd internal storage MOTO 4E

    I am leaving in 4 days for a cruise. I have a new Moto 4E. The phone is16gb by itself. I bought a nice memory card (64gb) I put it in. I formatted the memory card internal storage instead of portable. My plan is to use the phone as a camera and shoot some videos. I am able to move apps onto the...
  3. Z

    BlackMagic URSA Mini 4k for using everywhere. Help a noob.....

    Hey all, So I have been looking at professional video cameras and I have started to slow down around the BlackMagic URSA Mini 4K. I really like the look of this camera. It's not stupidly expensive and it seems to cover what I want. But does anyone have any experience with using this camera and...
  4. D

    Need Help To Recover My Life's Most Important Photos From HDD Format

    Hello All, I'm really desperately hoping someone can help me undo what I have just done earlier today. I initially was going to install a fresh copy of Win8 on my PC when immediately after formatting the HDD partitions I realized my incredibly valuable trip photos were not stored in another...
  5. S

    Create an animated gif with many pics present at the same time

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a software (or online tool) -I would prefer a free one-. I have 15 company logos and I want to create a single moving image (gif) that will contain at the same time all 15 logos, but the logos will constantly rotate between themselves ( I do not want the same...
  6. BlueFireZ

    Best photo selling site?

    Hey guys! , i'm looking to sell some shots I have taken on my 70D and i'm wondering where is the best place sell. All answers appreciated.
  7. D

    How can I recover damaged/corrupted files from SD? None of the options work

    Hello, I think it's a lost cause but I would like to ask a question. I am trying to help my wife to "recover" some of the pictures she took that are not opening in the computer, here are some of the specifications: 1. We can actually read the SD without any problem. 2. Some of the pictures are...
  8. brisa117

    MS Word Flipping Images Automatically?

    ******Work around solution below problem****** So I'm using word to take a series of pictures of my text book and convert them to a PDF so I can read them on my iPad later (keeps me from toting around 5 different 15lb law books). Lately, however, word has decided that it wants my pictures...