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  1. K

    Question File Transfer off SD card but don't know how to decrypt??

    I have an old Amazon Fire Tablet. I don't know the year but I also have a SD card inside. On it I've allowed my solitaire game and my messenger to be saved to the SD card. My tablet is almost completely out of storage. I put the SD card in my Dell laptop (got it this year and it uses Windows 10)...
  2. AKLT

    Question Samsung Galaxy A51 - Can we set the SD card as the primary storage?

    I'm looking to replace my mother's S8+, which often is full and the SD card is not able to set as the primary storage, which is the main reason for why im looking at this budget mid range phone. Anyone has insights if the model is able to set the SD as the main storage for apps and media...
  3. K

    Question Internal data migration to sd card fix

    So I got a new 32 gbs SanDisk SD card just yesterday. I decided I to migrate data of 3.4gbs and it completed without any errors etc. Tho right after when I tried to send a pic through whatsapp I didn't even get too open up the gallery from whatsapp and then I unmounted and mounted back the SD...
  4. fernandaraihan

    Solved! How to Fix my Adoptable Storage (Samsung Galaxy J5 2015)

    Yesterday, i was flashed with this custom rom.. And then, in my notification bar, there was a notif "set up sdcard". i'm corious what is it, so i click it, and then i click format sdcard to internal storage. And then, my smartphone is normal and the storage up to be 32gb (i have sdcard 16gb). I...