Nov 9, 2014
So I got a new 32 gbs SanDisk SD card just yesterday. I decided I to migrate data of 3.4gbs and it completed without any errors etc. Tho right after when I tried to send a pic through whatsapp I didn't even get too open up the gallery from whatsapp and then I unmounted and mounted back the SD card and then restarted the phone itself a couple times but nothig. Right so now my 3.4gbs which includes music, photos, videos and even documents are all gone in the internal storage and my SD still has all the space free as it did before so nothing migrated and my 3.4gbs of stuff is gone. Please is there anyway I can recover my stuff?
Go to your My Files (or whatever other name) icon and tap it then go into All Files. Scroll down the list and you might see where they went. If it confirmed the job was done, it's highly unlikely that it lied to you.