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    Solved! Nikon Coolpix sd card error

    My new to me, used nikon coolpix camera is showing sd card errors. Ive tried different cards & tried formatting them all. They work in my other cameras. The coolpix shows me a message "This card cannot be used" And one odd thing is the menu completely skips over the format from camera option...
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    Solved! Internal data migration to sd card fix

    So I got a new 32 gbs SanDisk SD card just yesterday. I decided I to migrate data of 3.4gbs and it completed without any errors etc. Tho right after when I tried to send a pic through whatsapp I didn't even get too open up the gallery from whatsapp and then I unmounted and mounted back the SD...
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    How do I back up my memory card which says unsupported on my phone

    I put my memory card in my phone and it said that it was unsupported and needed to be formatted but I need to back up the contents before I do that so I don't lose everything. I need to know how to do that
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    Solved! Move apps on T 5 Huawei memorycard

    How do i expand interna memory or move apps to memory card on T 5 Huawei pad.
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    Solved! Using sim card in sd slot

    Can i use a spare sim card i have in place of a sd memory card?...instead of going out to purchase a new sd card.
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    Solved! Huawei Medipad T3 7.0 Android Tablet Model BG2-WO9

    I HAVE BOUGHT A SCANDISK 64GB MICRO SDXC MEMORY CARD. i HAVE FORMATED IT FOR xfat and alsoFat32 but my Tablet does not recognize this Memory Card.Please advise what corrective measures to be taken for this Memory Card to be activated in my Tablet. Thank You.
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    Solved! Memory card unlocked but says locked

    Nikon D3200 says that memory cards are locked even though they're not. Had been fine, until inserting a new sd card. Is it an internal problem? Should i go to a repairshop ?
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    Solved! How do i set play store to default as memory card for installation of app

    How can i do default memory card of play store in installation of app
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    Solved! How to install app in memory card

    Install app in memory card
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    Solved! I have a lg Voyager and it's been deactivated for ten years and I want to transfer videos and pictures to a new memory card

    I want to transfer videos and pictures to a new memory card from a lg voyager
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    Solved! How to reinsert SD card in my device

    Hi I put my memory card in my phone and Store photos in it. I went back to gallery to see my photos and videos but it is zero (0) already even though my sd card is inside my phone
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    How to Download Netflix Content onto Your Memory Card

    Netflix is an American web-streaming company which provides top class media. People all over the globe are joining Netflix for its supreme product quality, and it is now available in more than 150 countries. You can even download content to watch offline, stored in your phone or in memory...
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    Solved! SD Card not detected in Samsung J2 Core

    Today, all of a sudden in the morning, my phone (Samsung J2 Core) showed up a notification saying - "SD Card Removed - Social network content won't be saved to the SD card anymore. Any content you've saved to the SD card won't be available". My SD Card is unmounted from my phone. It is missing...
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    Solved! What do I need to do to change my 32 gb memory card to a 64gb card

    I want to change my 32 gb memory card to a 64 gb memory card do I need to do anything special?
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    Solved! No sd card to get photos off broken pbone

    No memory card in the phone it won't turn on how can I scan old phone to new phone to receive my photos
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    I need help on how I can decode the memory card

    I was using a memory card as internal storage and I update from Android 7 to 8 so now the card doesn't work. How can I get it to work? I updated from phone's settings and update
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    Solved! i put my memory card from one phone to another and find that many photos have been lost. 3 folders completely were lost. the p

    i put my memory card from one phone to another and find that many photos have been lost. 3 folders completely were lost. the photos were in the folders. both phones still work. i still have the memory card. but didnt back up on any online services. is there any chance for me to recover the...
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    Solved! how do i add RAM to my Gateway LT41P05u?

    It seems like I should be able to plug in a memory card to my little notebook, but cant figure out how to open it up. is there just no way to increase memory and gain a some processing speed? Gateway LT-41P05u
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    Solved! My tablet wont let me do anything keeps asking for e card

    I have an alcatel tablet 8063 i didnt have a memory card in i want to transfer my photos onto my computer how do i do this.It keeps coming up asking for an e card dont know what that is.
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    Solved! Why won't my pics download off the memory card in order on my computer like they are on the SD or the memory card??

    My pictures are all scrambled and not in order as they were taken on my Canon camera or SD card when I download them on my computer. When I look at them on my camera before downloading they are in order as taken. Could it be my camera or the memory card? This has just started recently - could...
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    my memory card ask for password

    hi. before, i've been listening the music on my phone. and suddenly tonight, when i tried to listen to the music, my memory card ask me to key in the password. the problem is i never set a password on my memory card. even that, i tried all the possibilty password but wrong. can you help me. i...
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    Hi. I put my memory card in my phone and Store photos in it. I went back to gallery and see it is blocked how do I make it wor

    Hi. I put my memory card in my phone and Store photos in it. I went back to gallery and see my photos is blocked how do I make it work
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    Solved! this memory card cannot be used it may be damaged or insert a new one .i bought new one but still its not working

    i have Nikon D3400 camera everything was going perfectly but suddenly this message popped on screen ''this memory card cannot be used it may be damaged or insert a new one'' when i checked the same memory card on my laptop it is working fine.After that i bought couple of sd cards but with each...
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    How to free

    I bought a8gb memory card for ma zte .i inserted it already bt it my phone said no space
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    how to remove a write protection ?

    my camera is reading that I am write protected I want to know how to remove it
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    ASUS_Z00LD failure of using 16gb memory card

    I have ASUS_Z00LD phone and the internal storage was already full and i tried the to use the 16gb memory card but unfortunately i can't set it up. There's no internal storage in the settings of memory card. Your response will be a great help for me and will highly be appeciated. Thank you.
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    Transfer apps to memory card

    Why i still cannot transfer my apss to sd card? I also cannot find the three button. Please help me :(.
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    Move downloaded videos to sd card on j3

    How do I move downloaded videos from my Facebook to my memory card on a samsung j3
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    IMG SRC="../DCIM/100NIKON/DSCN0294.JPG" How Can I open these?

    When ariving home from my vacation I tried to retreive my photos from my Memory Card. No photos appeared. I got a list of files like this one. How can I convert these to photos or what do I do? Thanks, Lynn ------ [Moderator Edit: removed personally identifiable information.]
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    I can’t find my answer, I was watching some movie with my phone memory card but from it won’t read .

    I using flash drive and put memory cards in it and was watching movie at tv now it can’t appear now
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    Disabled memory card

    I need your help. Recently installed 16gb memory card can't be read by my phone. My unit is vivo y69. I already tried factory reset but still same issue. At first there it can be read but after a few seconds will display that there is no installed memory card. I also put another card but...
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    my 32 GB still won't take stuffs, could it be that I've erased some valuable default apps which can help in getting my d

    Looking for how to use my external memory card
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    My canon camera is poping up with memory card locked when it's not.

    My canon camera has been popping up with memory card locked when I've checked it several times and nothing works. I've tried a different memory card doesn't work either.
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    Help me find my 2016 photos i accidentally deleted the

    I have accidentally deleted my photos and i think they were in the phone or memory card
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    Need help on how to install memory card

    I bought an 8gb memory card for my kyrocera hydroshore Android phone. Ive never done this before and I need step by step instructions on how to do this without ruining my phone! Can anyone kindly help me out here? Thanks so very much
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    Why is the computer telling me there are no photos on my camera memory card?

    I took 4 pictures of a painting I had made and tried to upload it like I use to with the memory card into the stationary computer. But this time it said it had no photos. While on the camera there was a lot of photos. It's a Nikon SLR camera. The memory card is SanDisk 32 GB. And the computer is...
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    PC says my so card needs formatting?

    Why does my memory card need formatting? I can't view my pictures.
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    My memory card is of 32 gb but after 722 mb it is showing not enough storage what to do

    My memory card is of 32 gb but after 722 mb it is showing not enough storage what to do
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    how do i download whatssapp media to sd card in mobicel r9 lite

    how do i download whatssapp media to sd memory card in mobicel r9 lite
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    I can't delete and move folders of my memory card, how shall I do

    I can't delete and move folders of my memory card, how shall I solve the problem
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    Can I use 32GB memory card in J5 ohone?

    Can I use a 32GB memory card in mt Samsung J5 phone?
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    Use of unsupported sd card without formatting

    My device is galaxy j5. It shows only the option of formatting with a notification of unsupported sd card when my old memory card is put imside. I need the datas in that memory card. Can I repair it without formatting.
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    How can I do

    I have memory card in my phone but phone keep saying no speace
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    Make memory card unreadable

    Is there a way to make memory cards unreadable with software? Old cards can have personal stuff, family photos or text you don't want others to see. I've heard that there was a program that could make a hdd lose magnetization, thus making it unreadable. Is there something similar for memory...
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    Now i can see my pics on my memory card use mobile cell

    My memory card is gone on my phone I can't see it on my phone
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    i trie all trick but my memory crad not formet

    sir i triad all process but my memory card not format
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    Solved! Is 80 MB/s write speed and 90 MB/s read speed memory card enough for my Canon 80D for 1080p @ 60fps video shooting?

    I have a memory card but i am confused that is 80mb/s write speed enough or not?
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    Hi please help

    I have a Samsung galaxy j5 and I have got a 64gb memory card in phone but every time I move an app to memory card it stops working on my phone and I lose my photos and everything and still says not enough storage please can you help me and can you get a memory card that accepts apps and photos...
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    best budget laptop is best for downloading pictures and videos?

    looking for laptop under $400 for pictures and family videos. Needs to accept memory card and dvd.
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    Unable to use as card after phone formate

    Hi I was using memory card as internal memory in android 6. I had to reset the password because of some issue. Now I am not able to use the sd card. I tried formation it in the phone. In pc with CMD and disk manager. I tried couple.of other software as well.
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    How can I stop my memory being so high

    It’s allways up highly and how can I get more decated graphics memory card and why is overclock not working
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    if i changed my sd card to internal memory and i need that memory card back or can i use this memory card after this phone is

    My android version is marshmallow i had an option to change my memory card to internal memory if it's done can i ever use that memory card rather than that mobile if i removed the memory card or phone not working then my memory card will work any other device
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    How show my memory card Ni Vivo y69

    Please tell me how show my SD card vivo y69
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    Saving in sdcard

    How can l save my applications in memory card on Samsung grand prime +. Internal memory full
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    how to find photos not on memory card

    Photos put on memory card not showing on files manager?
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    Can I use a Samsung SDHC EVO Memory Card in my Galaxy On5 Cell phone?

    I am trying to select a memory card for my Samsung Galaxy On5 Cell Phone, and don't the right card to get. Can anyone direct me in the right direction?
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    Solved! Lost deta finding

    I have lost my vedio and photo in file hide expert and memory card former how can find them pls tell me
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    How I can move download apps from Micromax 109A phone to inserted SD Memory card

    My phone is Micromax 109A phone running on Kitkat Android system.
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    corrupted memory card

    I bought 64 GB Samsung memory card from eBay which is corrupted and having a virus in it. I had raised claim but they rejected my claim. my problem is I have tried all methods to format card but all methods fail to fromat it. like: cmd method changing label method used esus partition manager...