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    How can i upgrade mu phone to anroid marshmallow???

    My phone's storage sapce running out... i have 8 gb memory card and there is 6 gb empty space but phone's memory is full... All photos and videos are in sd card
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    Adoptable SD card but still internal memory is being used

    Hi, I hope someone can help. Probably I totally misunderstand SD card concept and usage. I configured adoptable SD card, moved space intensive apps on that like Tidal with offline music available. My problem is I'm running out of space, in spite of my efforts to use SD card for these purpose...
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    What do i do if i havd something on the memory card that i want back ?

    I had a nook tablet that had to be replaced. They told me i had to clear out the nook tablet. So i loaded what i wanted to keep, like the books i had paid for. Now i cant find them . So what do i need to do ?
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    Lost videos and photos on an android phone

    I took photos and videos on a memory card on my Samsung J3 phone and when I went to the gallery to select and view, it came up with the pictures then a sort of lightening flash and everything went black. Now I can't retrieve those photos and videos from the memory card but others photos are ok.
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    samsung galaxy S7 sd card options [SOLVED]

    Hello, buying an sd card for my Samsung Galaxy S7 is extremely confusing to me. Can someone please tell me if this card I have linked below work with my phone. Thanks everyone 128MB Micro SD Card TF card Memory Card Flash Card Full Capacity http://
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    How do i retrieve photos after a memory card has been removed

    Removed memory card from phone & after reenserting it my gallery photos were not there
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    im using 16gb fujitsu, and my card is not detected how to recover it without losing any files and pictures

    Looking for a solution for my memory card Pls help me idont want to loose my daughters memory
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    Help me please

    I just got a LG Stylo 2 LTE internal memory is full I have 32 g memory card that has almost nothing on it. There is no place to move some apps to free storage help please
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    I got a new Canon PowerShot elph 190 IS and I have the correct SD card (SDXC) but it keeps saying "Memory Card Error"

    I'm very very confused. I'm not sure if I formatted the SD card correctly, but I would appreciate anything that could possibly help fix this memory card problem. Thank you.
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    my phone haves a sd card in it but it say my phone does not have one

    I have a Samsung galaxy prevail lte i have asd card and memory card inserted in my phone but every time i go to i try to put a app to my card it say insert sd card
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    i accidentally formatted 2times my 64gb memory card any possible to recover the video

    my 5d camera memory card is formatted 2times now i want first time formatted data back is this possible to recover data
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    Memory card from old camera

    I just purchased a Canon PowerShot SX610 and want to insert the memory card w/pictures from the old camera PSElph 510. I want to use the WiFi on the new camera to transfer pics to an iPad. Will that work? The pics are not backed up.
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    Internal memory remount

    I have an Alcatel one touch pop 7 and have accidentally unmounted the internal memory card any ideas as to remounting it.
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    I was trying to move my photos and vediosfrm frm into Memory card and I Dnt knw what happend

    I was moving my photos and vedios frm phone into Memory card
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    my mobile was formated while service but when i put my memory card it is asking me to format it n same thing in laptop also

    need help for my lenovo k4 note after service they formated my mobile but i had d memorycard after that it is asking me to format memory crd both in laptop and mobile is there any alternative to this or how can i get my files back atleast on laptop
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    lock memory card

    how to open lock memory card
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    Not enough memory in memory card

    I bought new 32GB Samsung memory card and i'm using Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015). Everytime I tried to transfer my apps to memory card, it showed up not enough memory. I check storage setting in memory card section is 170MB used of 31.24GB. Why is this happen? And the apps that successfully...
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    Sd card Error Every time i insert the memory card i get this message. Help anyone pleasee.
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    How to set default download location to external sd card on LG G4 stylus

    i want to save videos and pictures directly on my memory card. (SD card)
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    How to recover data from Android Phone in the given situation?

    I connected my old Sony Xperia E to PC using a Micromax USB cable and when I disconnected it, all of my data in internal memory and SD card disappeared . I tried using "Wondershare Dr. Fone" to recover it but it didn't worked. What should i do? Please suggest solution in which i don't have to...
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    using multiple 360 cameras at once

    Do any 360 cameras work for this application: I am interested in using 2+ 360 cameras at the same time. I will need to set up both cameras from the app or directly on camera if possible. I will be near one camera all day, but someone else will be near the other camera. Can I set up both cameras...
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    msung MB-MP32DA/AM EVO 32GB microSD Class 10 Memory Card

    Looking 2 buy a32 GB memory card for my phone. Found lots. I don't know how to tell what works for my Samsung on5.
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    lg v500 tab intermittently reboots itself

    Hi. My v500 lg g pad intermittently boots itself. Troubleshooting that I did was: uninstalled apps that I recently installed, reformatted the tab (issue persists), went into SAFEMODE, removed external memory card. Issue persists still! I am at my wits end. Any help is highly appreciated, thank...
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    My files that I stored in my SD CARD is gone! But the storage says 100MB left! (I think the files is not deleted)

    I downloaded a bunch of mp3 files to put in my new sd card (8 GB of capacity). I currently use that sd card for my MP3 Player. I stored the files in a folder in the sd card. After a few days, I decided to put that sd card in my new phone. I've forgot to backup my mp3 files before doing that...
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    Why doesnt memory card work

    Sd card not being used in my tablet. Browser shows memory is there
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    Solved! How to unlock the memory card of canon camera

    Canon digital camera displsy shows memory card locked. How to open that
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    Solved! How do I activate my external memory on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet?

    Activate memory card
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    How do you save a game straight to an memory card on an acer laptop?

    I need help getting my acer laptop to download games straight to the memory card
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    can htc 530 support 64gb memory card

    How big of a SD card can my 530 HTC desire hold
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    How to set default storage to SD Card in Galaxy J2 (Android version 5.1.1)

    Hi All, After inserting a new memory card, it hasn't asked for how to use this memory card. I am setting default storage by logging into each application. Please help me. Thanks in advance!
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    how to transfer pictures from sd card to phone memory Galaxy S7

    I want to upgrade my memory card on my galaxy S7 and will like to transfer the pictures that I have saved in it back to the phone memory.
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    Set internal storage

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J1 phone and I can't set my sd card as internal storage. I formatted my SD card (it didn't mention anything about internal storage though.) and set default storage as SD card on the native internet app yet I still can't download anymore apps because I have "insufficient...
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    ive been trying to swipe upward my memory card. but still doesnt work. somebody help me pleaseeee

    how to unlock memory card in dslr camera
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    sdhc card problems

    I use SDHC cards for my trail cameras. I have had no problems until 2 weeks ago. I'm guessing there are at least 100-200 photos on the memory card that was in my trail camera but when I inserted the card on my mac no files were shown. I clicked "get info" on the card and it shows there is data...
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    I had inseretesd memory card and took photos and after then when i want to see its showing ALL IMAGES ARE HIDDEN how to recove

    not showing the pic in nikon d3300 showing all images are hidden
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    Photos on memory card

    Hello, I took so many important photos today of a wedding, when i was talking the photos and went to view them and look at others a message come up saying " Can't playback photos" dont know what that meant kept going, was saving into the memory card but would show me, as i got home i put the...
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    how to make memory card default storage for downloads on Galaxy Tab 4

    I am trying to figure out how to make my memory card the default storage for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Haven't found an answer that works.
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    Nothing will read my full SD card!

    My Pentax Optio camera says 'memory card error' and HP laptop says 'you need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it'... The gold plates on card do look quite worn out,lost the shine of newer cards. What can i do??? 2 GB of travelling photos i would oviosly love to get off the SD card
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    How to set my memory card as default storage for everything, ,for examle like whatsapp videos and pics or any downloaded conte

    How to set my memory card as default storage for everything, ,for examle like whatsapp videos and pics or any downloaded content from any app. Or any app related storage. ? Please any one can give me solution.
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    Help me format my memory card

    can not format memory card. marked LOCK and slide to write position?
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    memory card not working and unable to remove it.

    I have a Sony Cyber shot camera, I took the memory card out and inserted into my Dell laptop memory slot port. It doesn't recognize it and I cant get it out. Any suggestions?
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    canon power shot sx270hs memory card locked how do i unlock it

    advice says the memory card has tiny thing on side but my mmc plus mmc 32mh doesn't have one unlike my other memory cards which do!
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    cant detect simcard on my samsung note 2

    how do i fix this since i just recently change the simcard slot and it still cant be detected while my memory card is detected?
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    how can I unblock the Toshiba memory card

    It used to be working,but after formating's always asking me for the password.
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    How to unlock my SD memory card ?

    I have an Olympus E-M10II and it says that the SD card is locked. I already tried to "unlock it" moving the switch the SD card has and re-inserting the SD to the camera, but it doesn't work. It still appears to be locked. Is there anything I can change in the camera setting to unlock the SD card...
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    I can not see my files saved on my memory card

    My phone does not show memory card and everything install on it.
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    Why is my new pro duo memory card not working in my cyber-source camera

    Just bought a new pro duo memory card and when input in my cyber-source camera it says image data base file error cannot record contents
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    I have a Nikon coolpix s6000 and it won't turn on. I charged it overnight and taken the memory card out, please help

    I have done everything I could think of and it still won't turn on.
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    Sdhc card not working

    I put my sdhc memory card in my coolpix b500 and it says this card will not work. Why?
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    Canon PowerShot A540 "Memory Card error" and format greyed out

    Bought used Canon PowerShot A540. Put in new SD card (2GB). It says "memory card error". I reset to original settings. On the menu where you should be able to reformat the SD card it is greyed out. Am I out of luck or is there something new I could try?
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    my memery card 2gb can not be formatted and its shows windows unable to complete the format

    i inserted a memory card to a dapter so that i can fix in the computer but during the process it could not and i tried changing the flash sd ports but i could not..... please help
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    how to save pictures & music on the memory card Samsung j1 ace

    how do i make my sdcard the default to save pictures & music on my Samsung j1 - 6?
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    default memory card

    Hi there How do I set my default memory to my SD card on a versed motion E 1.1 tablet
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    i have 64gb memory card which is working properly in computer but when i am inserting in my new smartphone which is meizu m3 n

    i have 64gb memory card which is working properly in computer but when i am inserting in my new smartphone which is meizu m3 note, it is showing blank sd card and asking to formate,but i need my data,what should be done?
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    Set Memory Card As the Default Storage in Galaxy note 4

    I want all current & future apps, data to reside on SD. How do I move them and how do I direct all future saves to the SD?
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    memory card on phone question

    memory card on phone has 1600 pics but am getting a new phone so getting new memory card as well, have uploaded them to my PC and scanned them all and ok so will it be ok to put then on my new SD memory card now anti virus says notjing or can they hide elsewhere? dont want to mess my s7 edge up...
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    my laptop is not recognising my sd memory card

    I have an hp laptop with Intel inside core tm 13 I am not very clued up on how to do many things how to fix things etc. before I had my computer fixed when I inserted the SD Card it used to pop up all what was on it automatically and I had a removable disc drive now when I put my SD card in...
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    The Cannon Software will no longer allow me to download from either the memory card or the camera. I am furious. I loved Zoom

    The Cannon Camera will no longer download from either the memory card or the camera. I am quite upset as i have my "dream" vacation coming up. Zoom browser was wonderful and then Cannon discontinued it. What can I do?