sdhc card problems


Nov 10, 2016
I use SDHC cards for my trail cameras. I have had no problems until 2 weeks ago. I'm guessing there are at least 100-200 photos on the memory card that was in my trail camera but when I inserted the card on my mac no files were shown. I clicked "get info" on the card and it shows there is data used on the card but I cannot see the files. Today, I inserted a different memory card from another trail camera that definitely has photos on it and it shows three folders; ".fseventsd" , ".Spotlight-V100" , and ".Trashes". The folders are all dimmed in color and when I double click on them they have no contents. I then inserted 5 different SDHC cards one after the other and they all have these three folders on them now. They never had this on them before. They would always just show me the photos on them and I had zero problems. I am not computer savvy so if someone could please help me figure out how to fix this problem I would greatly appreciate it!
Click in folder options to see "hidden folders and files"

Here is how