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    Memory card help!!!

    I inserted my memory card in my phone but it said memory full and would not let me take pictures or record anything why? Plz help:-(
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    New Memory Card

    How do I move my games and music from internal phone storage to the memory card that was just installed on my phone?
  3. L

    "Cannot format memory card" error

    I was shooting bridals with my Nikon D5000 (yes, dinosaur, i know) and all of a sudden it stopped letting me shoot and brought Up an error that read "cannot format memory card." I wasnt trying to format the memory card. I was just shooting then it would randomly pop up. It would make my whole...
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    how to i make an sd card a defalt download on a sony xperia e3

    I have put a 32gb memory card in my sony expiara e3 and it does not seem to work
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    My Sd won't work

    My memory card gets recognized in my laptop and I moved a lot of very important files into it, but after some time, I open it and there are no files which I can see even though it says 17 gb has been already used in it I kindly ask for your help please
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    canon coolpix l830

    i just got my camera and when i insert memory card it says card can not be read .. help please
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    my sd card not detected on pc and camera said "memory card error" card locked.what should I do?

    please help.I don't know what to do,and I need the data in the card
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    why photos disappeared

    i used my nikon d5100 for 4 days on a trip with the same memory card. i looked at the lcd screen and all seemed fine at the time. when i returned home the last day's didn't download to my computer. the previous days did. i put the card back into my camera and the last day's photos were gone from...
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    Help me find my photos in my SD card please! I need to save them!

    I have the same issue! I have an SDHC memory card and my camera is a GENX TouchShotPro HD. Checked the settings, there were no settings about the SD card but to format it. I can't delete the photos! They're important to me! I can only see the photos in the camera when the SD card is plugged but...
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    How to get memory card to work?

    Hey guys, I just received a Nikon P500 from my brother. I have a problem with the memory card. I used my old memory cards from 2010. None of them work. I even try format it on the computer and inserting it into the camera. It said "This card cannot be use." I can't go to any of the...
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    how to transfer images from the camera

    I lost my cable to transfer the pictures from the camera and O'm only left with the memory card of the I'm trying to transfer the pictures through the memory card but cant really figure out how to use this thing, can i get any help please?
  12. B

    memory chip overload

    I have the maven probe 11.6 inch 32 gigabyte if I put in a 64 gigabyte memory card will it mess up the tablet?
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    Corrupted SD card - how to recover my photos and video files?

    On a holiday trip this easter I brought with me my Sony RX100M4 camera as well as a couple of Kingston 256GB SDXC U-3 memory cards. Now after two days of shooting 4K video and taking tons of photos some write error or something occured while I switched the camera into photo mode while it was...
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    my 32 gb samsung memory card get viruses of folders after sometime

    get viruse in folder when it is out of phone for sometime and also in the phone
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    hi hello help me

    hi hello,my name problem is unable formett 16gb memorycard,actually my memory vard 8gb i am try formet to sd formatter by using adjust size is on but it will displays writed protected and also try to direct format through mycomputer but ot will displays windows unable to format,am i...
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    Canon Memory card error

    There is nothing wrong with the memory card, I get the same error message with every memory card I try. It is a Canon Powershot SX210 IS camera. Please help.