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    Solved! New SSD is seen in Device Manager, but not as unallocated space and can't use or format

    I just bought a SK hynix P31 SSD MCIe NVMe M.2 1TB drive and want to replace my current startup 250 GB SSD (Samsung). I got an external enclosure as well, both to clone the existing boot drive first to the new bigger SSD and then to house the old SSD. Device Manager sees it, but only as present...
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    Im looking to buy a decent laptop. BUT the laptop's gpu can be updradable

    im looking for a laptop that has decent specs rn and that has upgradable cpu/gpu/ram/hard/solid disk
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    What laptop would you choose from this models?

    Hi. So I will be buying a laptop after 1 week and I wanted to ask you for some opinions. I will be using the laptop mostly as a bisnes laptop. I want to be with a good battery life and to hold on a lot of time before battery runs out. So the best options as far as I know is to be with an Intel...
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    SDD T too high?

    Hi! I own Asus G750JZ and I have just now upgraded it with Samsung Evo 840 250GB SDD. While I was installing games via Steam and doing some other things I saw that the T was around 47°C. Is that normal or not? Thank you for reponse!
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    OS and drivers for new SSD dell inspiron n5110 hard drive?

    My hard drive on my laptop fried so I have no way to backup and recover the OS and drivers off of it. I know a few people that have the XP OS disk and drivers. Would this work to put this back on since this is what was on the laptop. I know SDD's do not like XP. If not how can I get the windows...