Todor Stoev

Mar 14, 2015
Hi. So I will be buying a laptop after 1 week and I wanted to ask you for some opinions. I will be using the laptop mostly as a bisnes laptop. I want to be with a good battery life and to hold on a lot of time before battery runs out. So the best options as far as I know is to be with an Intel itegrated graphics like 4400. I think that would be enough for my needs wich are everything but gaming so I won't be needing a dedicated card to heat my laptop and use more battery. This are some models that I found for my needs:

1) Lenovo IdeaPad B50-70 - 355 Euro
CPU - Intel Core i3-4030U
GPU - Intel HD Graphics 4400
HDD - 500GB(5400)
Screen - Matt (this is must)
RAM - 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz

2) Lenovo IdeaPad B50-70 - 456 Euro
Same specs as 1) only difference is 1TB HDD and Intel Core i5-4210U CPU

3) Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-B-11U - 482 Euro
Same specs as 2) only difference is 500GB HDD(7200)

4) HP Probook 450 G2 - 506 Euro
Same specs as 1) only difference is 120GB SSD

5) HP ProBook 450 G2 - 506 Euro
CPU - Intel Core i3-5030U
GPU - Intel HD Graphics 5500
HDD - 500GB(5400)
RAM - 4GB DDR 1600Mhz

This are the models i found for my requirments. I want to ask about the first 2 models if it is possible to add SDD ? I am asking to add SDD becaus i don't realy trust HP brand. So wich of those laptops will be best for my needs?


Jan 15, 2015

I did, I chose one from your selected models . The lenovo laptop for 456 euros. In the source that I posted, it does have an integrated SSD.