Lenovo thinkpad e560 or hp probook 450 g3


May 14, 2016
Trying to find the right laptop has been a frustrating experience. I'll use it for office ( excel stuff ) and multimedia.

I have narrowed it down to either lenovo think pad e560 or hp probook 450 g3 (im in switzerland "customizing" options seem to be more limited than us, uk, germany or wherever). Specs and price are similar. Budget will be better in future, so would love the ossibility to upgrade to ssd pcie 3.0 for storage)

Because of my budget and needs specs for me are: integrated gpu is ok, i5-6200u (does not have to be i7), storage hdd is ok (potential to upgrade to ssd needed, preferably pcie 3.0).

Lenovo e560
Pro: display full hd ips, keyboard ( + feel when touching in the shop, design)
+/-: just now an online shop talks about the model with pcie 3.0 slots (but not sure if ssd or gpu?)
Contra: one storage slot afaik, m.2 pcie 3.0 ssd compatible?

HP probook 450 g3
Pro: 1 free m.2 slot (says m.2 sata in manual, pcie 3.0 possible? Adapter?)
Contra: display full hd tn, last laptop was hp pavilion (and i thought never again hp - now probook ok, pavilion no), seems to be a good build for the price, has most of what i ask for (but hp...:)

Some asus or acer in my price range seem to have great specs, bit didn't feel right when touching in the shop.

Would love to hear some opinions (or asus or acer or? despite touchy-feely experience in the shop?).

Budget is around $ 800-900 but its switzerland so sh is more expensive...
Thanks, ata