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  1. J

    Solved! How do I reset my HP laptop?

    My relatively new HP Probook 450 G4 has an unremovable battery. It has a black screen and flashes the caps lock LED twice slow and twice fast. I have tried the reset procedure guided by HP agent but does not work yet. Any other way out?
  2. A

    Solved! Hp Elitebook 8460 Or Hp Probook 430 i5 G1

    I currently have Hp Elitebook 8460 I5 2nd generation 2.5ghz and now i want to switch to Hp Probook 430 G1 i5 4th generation 1.6ghz. Is it worth to switch because 430 G1 has less ghz than 8460
  3. B

    Solved! HP ProBook 6555b overheating after switching mainboard

    Recently my HP ProBook 6555b just turned of with a black screen. Due to the backlight still working, I thought, it might be a motherboard-failure. So I bought a cheap replacement-board from E-Bay and replaced it. And the ProBook started as normal. But now, the CPU is getting overloaded very...
  4. T

    Solved! HP Probook 430 G2

    Firstly, my main charger (known to have issues in the past then never had problems till now) would not begin to "work", I'd have to fiddle with the charger in the laptop for up to 30 minutes just to find a spot that works, and usually when It failed I noticed a unsusual decrease in battery (very...
  5. M

    Solved! hp laptops comparison

    which is better hp elitebook folio 9470 i5 or hp probook 645 G1 AMD A1 I will use it for all adobe programs (AE , PS..etc)
  6. S

    wifi Driver for ProBook 4540s problem

    wifi Driver for ProBook 4540s problem Hi, I can't find wifi drivers for my HP ProBook 4540s I installed any driver But none of them work..!! :??: :??: طراحی سایت ثبت دامنه میزبانی وب طراحی سایت شرکتی سئو سایت طراحی سایت هتل بلیط هواپیما میزبانی وب هاست لینوکس ثبت دامنه طراحی سایت سئوی سایت...
  7. C

    Solved! Mrocrosoft Probook 6565b -- Noisy and HOT

    i have a microsot probook 65656b and the thing sounds like its gonna explode near the fan area. it gets relatively hot sometimes, it began running slow now and kinda lagging and freezing at times. the noise just started but has prgressively gotten louder and im beginning to worry cause theres a...
  8. R

    hp probook 4540s motherboard upgrade

    hello. I was thinking about putting a gpu in hp probook 4540s but I came across the motherboard issue that it doesnt support this. It already has intergrated graphics and you cannot put gpu of your own choice. so I was wondering if there is some spare hp motherboard that allows you to put gpu on...
  9. K

    Solved! Need to identify chip to replace plzz

    Hp probook 8770w
  10. A

    CPU upgrade for HM76 Socket 988B rPGA (HP Probook 6570b)

    I have an HP Probook 6570b. Socket is 988B rPGA. My current CPU is i5-3210M. I read this thread, and it got me thinking if I can also upgrade my Laptop CPU to i7 Quad. CPU upgrade question Probook 6570b If I had an QM77 Chipset, like he had, I would have tried it without question. But I...
  11. J

    Solved! Black laptop screen

    Recently my HP Probook 450 G1's display has stopped working, it turns on as I can see the backlight but I am only able to see anything else through use of an external monitor. How can I fix this?
  12. jigokugame

    Solved! HP ProBook - Using built-in webcam causes BSOD

    Hello, I have just gotten the top screen of my HP ProBook 4535s replaced due to a severely broken and damaged hinge part that wasn't an easy fix. It now is in much better condition, but I've had issues with the camera ever since it's been replaced. I'm running Windows 7 on 32 bit. When I try...
  13. R

    can i run in my laptop

    HP probook 6560b processor 2.3 core i5 ram 4 GB HDD 320 Gb can i run it
  14. M

    My laptop is not starting

    I was typing on my hp probook laptop, and suddenly it got hanged and frozen.The keyboard also stopped functioning so cntl +alt+ delete didn't work. So, I removed the battery as I the power button also stopped working. Then after trying for half an hour, I was just pressing the power button...
  15. M

    Hp probook 657b stopped charging.,, is working again 3 months later??

    Hp probook 657b out of nowhere suddenly stopped charging. So I got a brand new charge lead. And no still. Nothing. So I got a new battery. And it was working, well. I thought anyway. I did not realise that it was not charging. So it died. I did not panic thinking it was not plugged. Well it was...
  16. J

    Hp Probook Reset

    I have an old work laptop which takes me to login to the domain. I no longer work there and have a new laptop for work and cannot remember my last banked password. I want to reset the laptop so it can be used for personal use but it wont let nw reset using the f11 functiin on start up
  17. B

    Solved! Earphones seemingly not detected, but they play sound

    Hello, I have an HP probook laptop with a 3.5mm audio jack on the front. When I put my earphones inside, they work, but I can hear sound coming from both the earphones and the speakers. I have looked everywhere for software-related solutions, and I've noticed that Windows seemingly doesn't...
  18. H

    Thinkpad E480 vs. ProBook 440 G5

    I started my ICT studies at University and I need a laptop for programming (C,C++, Javascript) and basic school stuff. I've already picked two laptops which have everything I want but I can't decide because I've no experience in Lenovo or HP laptops. Both are 900 euros, 3 year warranty, 8gb DDR4...
  19. N

    HP Probook 450 G2 Blinking LED

    My Hp Pro book 450 G2 power button light comes on when plugged with power cable (excluding the battery) but the recharging white LED indicator keeps on blinking contentiously, Tried resetting it by pressing power button for 2 mins still didn't help. Please can any one help?
  20. C

    hp pro book slow

    Hi so my laptop is a hp probook 430 g4 ive bought its this year and am constantly having problems with it. the laptop runs so slow ive done the basics running anti virus software and created more space on hard drive checked for updates etc any ideas? thanks
  21. M

    Solved! i5 2410M gpu failure

    I have an old laptop HP Probook 6560b with i5 2410M and Intel HD 3000 gpu. AFAIK, gpu is integrated in cpu. The laptop stopped displaying picture the other day so I'm wondering is it possible that gpu is gone? If I replace the cpu, will it work again? It doesn't display anything at all on laptop...
  22. N

    how to install Bluetooth on hp ProBook 4530s

    Need help on how to install/activate Bluetooth on my hp ProBook 4530s Thanks
  23. R

    HP ProBook 4540s screen is weird colors and is flickering

    Hello! so within the last few hours i had put my laptop in my backpack and put it in the back of my car trunk. It was there for about an hour. and when I got back home i turned on the laptop the screen was weird colors and flickering. I have no idea what to do since even in 2018 its still a 599$...
  24. U

    Adding an SSD in conjunction with a HDD to HP ProBook

    I have a HP ProBook 430 G4 with 4GB of RAM and a 500GB HDD. It completely isn't cut out to run even a few chrome tabs with a word document open, let alone run Eclipse with any other program. I have been thinking of adding another stick of 4GB RAM to bump it up to 8GB and to add an M.2 SSD to...
  25. M

    cannot change my new laptop brightness

    please i bought a new hp probook 450 G5 last week and i have windows 10 64-bit ...and i can't adjust my brightness and i already update el drivers of graphics and monitor up to date ...what is the solution ! is it a hardware issue or it very rare to be that !!
  26. M

    HP ProBook 6560b

    Hi. I have a HP ProBook 6560b that turns on automatically after you insert either the battery or AC adapter, then it would display the HP logo (Not always) for a few seconds and just power down. I've tried removing HDD and RAMS even the CPU or even tried with the motherboard alone but still does...
  27. S

    Solved! HP PROBOOK 4520s CPU Upgrade

    I have HP Probook 4520s base model. With i3 370M. I want to upgrade it to i5 or i7, i want to know what CPUs are compatible for my laptop to upgrade..I tried adding i5 2430M but my laptop screen goes black. What is the best CPU to upgrade my laptop to
  28. 3

    HP ProBook 650 G2 adapter

    where can a find a HP ProBook 650 G2 adapter
  29. zkharya

    Do I need a new DirectX 11-compatible graphics card for upgraded HP Probook 4520?

    Hi, I recently upgraded my HP Probook 4520, Core I3, to Windows 10, but when I try to play Alien Isolation, it says 'fatal error: no graphics card supporting directx 11 detected'. Do I need to install a new card, and could anyone please suggest some candidates? Thank you, z
  30. P

    Streaming from HP Probook 650 G2 to LG TV

    Hi, I just thought I found the correct cable but I wanted to connect my HP Probook 650 G2 with a displayport 1.2 via a connector to HDMI to stream on a LG TV. The TV says "no signal". If I reduce the resolution of my laptop, this crashes so don't know what's wrong. My laptop only has this kind...
  31. M

    HP 4340s probook

    I have had this problem for some time now. So i have dual gpu one is Intel hd 3000 integrated and the secon one is from AMD i don't know exactly which one but here is the problem. I can instal drivers for intel gpu but when i try to install drivers for AMD gpu my laptop restarts and crashes...
  32. DavidVioMC

    HP ProBook 640 G1 CPU & GPU Upgrade

    Recently I got myself a HP ProBook 640 G1 with 320GB SSD, i5-4210M, 8GB DDR3 in Dual Channel and HD Graphics 4600 Graphics to use it as a very low gaming laptop as I plan to travel a lot next year. I have already tried CSGO, runs at 60fps (with vsync on because for some reason I get screen...
  33. C

    i5-8250U overheating/big power draw HP Probook G5

    Hi people! HP probook G5 with i5-8250U is overheating and it's brand new. I've monitored the CPU with hwmonitor and intel XTU. I noticed very high VID of around 1,2V and power consumption in the 30-40W range. Tht reflects to CPU temps of 90+°C. I've googled and found a guy undervolting this CPU...
  34. S

    HP ProBook 4520s no display

    Hello guys, Laptop powers on (lights and fans) but got absolutely nothing on the LED screen. An external monitor plugged to the VGA port doesn't show anything either. Does that make it 100% a board/GPU issue? or is it possible that the display is not switching to external automatically? Reason...
  35. R

    does probook 6450b has a built in camera?

    i cannot use my camera in this laptop and i cannot even search the word webcam in my device manager. So even if i tried to figure out whats wrong with this laptop i cannot find the solution since i dont know about this kind of matter.And im just the second user of this laptop. So please guys if...
  36. C

    Will hp probook 640 g1 will run autocad

    Hii i am planning to buy the hp probook 640 g1 for the auto cad work can anyone tell that this laptop can run auto cad software Specs for hp probook 640 g1 : Please see the specs and suggest me
  37. P

    Laptop fan issue HP ProBook

    I have a HP ProBook 440 G1 laptop, and the cooling fan isnt working. It boots into windows and everything, but the fan doesn't spin. It only spins for a split second and then cuts off (as if it got power only for a split second). I have disassembled the laptop carefully (it still works) and I...
  38. L

    HP ProBook 430 G2 or Inspiron 13 5378 Refurbished

    Hi all, I need a speedy little machine for Uni work. Ideally with an SSD and capable of running SolidWorks. I was thinking either of this refurb HP Probook: OR This refurb Inspiron 13 2-in-1...
  39. F

    HP Probook 450 G1 gives blinking error codes

    As stated above, it gives out blinking codes of 4 slow blinks, then stops, then it gives 5 to 6. I can still see the screen boot up and can still see the HP logo on screen. It says "no bootable image found" I tried booting in legacy mode which gives me "No operating system found." I pretty much...
  40. R

    Solved! Why i cant play gta games on my hp probook 445 g1

    I am trying to play gta london on my hp probook 445g1 but it shows ...cant find enough available video memory
  41. M

    can i play gta 5 on my laptop

    can I play gta 5 on my hp probook 450 g2
  42. A

    my hp probook 445 G1 is not starting

    Product Name: Probook 445 G1 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1pro (32-bit) Hi there, i just returned from my 3 day trip and now my notebook wont turn on. I tried to reset (remove bat and hold power button for 20 sec etc.) but it wont work. The only thing that's happening is that the white...
  43. A

    HP ProBook 445 G2 vs HP Notebook - 15-bw084ax?

    HP ProBook 445 G2 vs HP Notebook - 15-bw084ax? Please guide me which system among above two is better, performance wise plus with scope for enhancement in future. I have shared the spec comparative link below. A brief tech spec: Probook 445 G2 (priced at 45-50k) has AMD A10-7300 APU with Radeon™...
  44. T

    How to fix BSOD error code 0x000000F4 on HP ProBook

    My computer was repairing a BSOD Memory Management and once I restarted, it gave me the BSOD, but this time it was different. The BSOD error code is 0x000000F4. Please help me fix this. I do not have a windows installation disc or usb to fix it.
  45. Andreas_98

    HP ProBook 640 format

    So i have a HP ProBook 640 i used during high school, which is now mine after finishing. I now work as an IT Apprentice, and i am very much into computers, but i can't seem to figure this one out. When finishing school, i forgot to give my laptop to the IT department at the school, it just...
  46. G

    Laptop screen issue

    Hi! I have an HP ProBook 450 G1. The screen is flashing and has colored lines all over. I thought its the screen cable, but I disassembled it and it isn't show any kind of damage. I contacted a local service, and they offered me another MoBo. A Non-Windows, a Win8, and Win8 Pro. My question...
  47. J

    hp probook nonremovable buttery laptop not turning on the keyboard lights and sound and fan is working but display not showin

    Hi sir. My hp probook 450 G4 i7 7the gen. Not turning on. It's giving sound and flashing caps lock light and the others. Screen is black. I have tried to remove ram and hard disc I have still same problem. Plz help me WhatsApp me If possibleMod edit: please don't post phone numbers.Thanks in...
  48. H

    hp probook 650 G2 blinking amber ac light

    hey there i see a few other people having this problem with varying degrees of success on the web so i wanted to make a thread here about it the probook i have has an issue where when you plug in the ac adapter, the power button, caps lock, power led, and ac led all light up briefly, where the...
  49. A

    Solved! After BIOS update no Windows 10, but anti-virus and Chrome are working

    I have a HP Probook 4540 with Windows 10 creators update (installed 1-2 weeks ago). Yesterday, I visited the HP site to check for any drivers and found that there was a new update to the BIOS (f.64) for my model. Downloaded and flashed the system with the new BIOS and now the Windows does not...
  50. M

    Hp laptop does not work after powered on

    My Hp probook mouse pad doesn't work after powered on
  51. Rahid Rahaman

    Notebook Automatic Shutdown

    Hello, I am using HP Probook 450 G0 Model Notebook. From 2 days it is shutting down automatically in every 20 to 30 minutes. Is it a ram problem or the processor fan or the processor itself??? Plz help me... Thanks in advance... Rahid Rahaman
  52. I

    Hp Probook450 g3 core i5 8gb ram hp graphics 520 but hangs on all games

    i have a hp probook 450 g3 core i5 8gb Ram but it keeps hanging on mediocre games what can i do?
  53. R

    HP Probook 650 G1 WRONG TYPING

    Hello everyone .I have a problem with my laptop when typing numbers.Sometimes when I type any number instead of the number the upper character on the key is typed . please help to solve this problem Thanks in did RENOS CY
  54. D

    Help choosing a laptop for work

    Hi I would like to buy a new computer for work. I need something reliable and fast with Windows. My budget is 700 to 1000 euros. I am looking at two HP computers on sale at the moment: a ProBook...
  55. B

    hp probook 6540b won't install windows 7

    Want to reformat it but the stock on next to It hangs when you want to press next after selecting the partition... Am installing through USB drive and or cd..Both does same Options
  56. C

    Which one is better? Acer aspire es1 711g vs. Hp probook 470g2

    So i have an offer to change my Acer aspire es1 711g for a Hp probook 470g2. I have no clue about laptops so any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  57. A

    can i upgrade Ram on my laptop?

    okay so i have an hp probook processon AMD A10 5750m graphics- AMD Radeon HD 8650G RAM- 4gb (that's the probllem i think) well it's a 64 bit operating system. firstly i'm not sure if it has extra slots, well first question... do you think that the processor and graphics card are ok? graphics...
  58. M

    HP ProBook 450 G2 Won't Stop BSODing "Page Fault In Nonpaged Area" Error

    Hello everybody I have an HP ProBook 450 G2 that is driving me crazy The damn thing won't stop showing BSODs It doesn't like windows 10 at all I can't stay without a BSOD striking at me for longer than 30 minutes after tens of clean installations I finally gave up and reverted to a new Windows...
  59. J

    Installed new CPU and no display on hp probook 6475b laptop

    Today I decided to upgrade my a6 4400m to an a10 5750m. But when I installed the a10 their was no display. When I re installed the a6 4400m the laptop worked like a charm. Is their anything I can do to get the 5750m to work on my laptop?
  60. A

    Hello, Can I run Gta 5 with these specifics P ProBook 4740s, 17.3" HD+, i3-3110m, HD7650M, 8GB RAM

    This is my new laptop CPU: Intel i3-3110m 2.40Ghz RAM: 8gb (2x4GB) DDR3 1600Mhz GPU: 1. AMD Radeon HD7650M 1GB, 2. Intel HD Graphics 4000 HDD: 500GB 5400rpm Toshiba Can I run GTA5 at least at low settings?