can i upgrade Ram on my laptop?


Jun 29, 2017
okay so i have an hp probook
processon AMD A10 5750m
graphics- AMD Radeon HD 8650G
RAM- 4gb (that's the probllem i think)

well it's a 64 bit operating system. firstly i'm not sure if it has extra slots, well first question...
do you think that the processor and graphics card are ok? graphics card had 2176mb total memory from which 768mb is dedicated memory..
the pc is well lagging a lot, it can't run mid spec games like need for speed mw 2012 which only needs 2gb of ram, it's extremely laggy,
well does this pc have extra ram slot and how much will it cost approximately? i live in georgia (not in US it's a country in caucasus) thanks for your help