Hp probook 657b stopped charging.,, is working again 3 months later??

Sep 15, 2018
Hp probook 657b out of nowhere suddenly stopped charging. So I got a brand new charge lead. And no still. Nothing. So I got a new battery. And it was working, well. I thought anyway. I did not realise that it was not charging. So it died. I did not panic thinking it was not plugged. Well it was. And both chargers, which work fine when tested on a different laptop along with the 2 batteries and swapping them around and nothing. I then gave up it. Every few weeks I would try my luck and attempt to port it up but no. Then around a good 4/5 or so months later was having a clear out and had it out for the first time. Thought I was try turning it on and it turned on?? I was baffled. I then tried both batteries. And both chargers and all worked prefect. All well and good for about 2 months and the same again. Stopped charging. Both batteries and chargers. So I gave up again put it away. Then around 3 months later. just thought well let me see. So I tried turning it on and again I was baffled. It turned on. Just like before?? And then after a couple months died again. This has happened 2 or 3 times since. I am not a expert by any means, but I am so so about these things. I have tried everything that I have read to try and test and I have no explanation?? Why would a laptop be completely unresponsive to anything suddenly just start to. Randomly work again weeks or months later.?? Any answers would be much appreciated.
A malfunctioning charging circuit comes to mind. Which could mean a motherboard replacement. Also, if either the new charger, or the new battery are not OEM, but are aftermarket, that could also be part of your issue.