i5-8250U overheating/big power draw HP Probook G5

May 10, 2018
Hi people!

HP probook G5 with i5-8250U is overheating and it's brand new. I've monitored the CPU with hwmonitor and intel XTU. I noticed very high VID of around 1,2V and power consumption in the 30-40W range. Tht reflects to CPU temps of 90+°C. I've googled and found a guy undervolting this CPU to 0,930mV stable. Unfortunately anything below 1,09V is unstable for me.

wtf is going on? is my cooler maybe making poor contact with the die? (wouldn't explain high voltage and TDP)

I'd love to hear from someone who knows what's going on, thank you!
Its brand new. Is it still with the 'Return' period? If so, I would just exchange it and see if you get luckier with another build.