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  1. G

    App or a Script to open programs in fixed size

    So e.g. when I'm streaming or doing something else I usually have a way how I wan't windows to be laid out. Is there anyway of doing this? Here is an example what I want when I stream:
  2. T

    Remote Open Program

    HELP PLEASE! Ok here is my situation.. I purchased the new apple TV and for some reason almost everytime I go to watch a movie in my Library my Library has been disconnected and I need to walk upstairs, close ITUNES then reopen it, then back downstairs and all is good. I have been looking for...
  3. ChaosHydrA

    How do i clear up this right click "Windows explorer has stopped working" error ?

    Hi, i have been having this error for a month or so now, where i cant right click any folder or desktop item without getting the "windows explorer has stopped working error" Ive been reading a lot of stuff and ended up downloading "shellEX" viewer program. Im using Windows 7 64-bit btw. However...
  4. J

    Simple Copy and Paste Script

    Hi All, First of all, I know this probably doesn't fit under a hardware forum but I'm sure that one of you pros would know if what I need is possible. So I'm working on a very long document which would costs years for me to lose (a novel) and so I want it backed up/saved in multiple places...