How do i clear up this right click "Windows explorer has stopped working" error ?


Oct 13, 2013
Hi, i have been having this error for a month or so now, where i cant right click any folder or desktop item without getting the "windows explorer has stopped working error" Ive been reading a lot of stuff and ended up downloading "shellEX" viewer program. Im using Windows 7 64-bit btw.

However between the 14 "non Microsoft" programs that i was advised to suspect, the one that gave me this bug is apparently related to my Antivirus/Security program which is "Bullguard"

Its apparently this one "BGShellExt Class" from bullguard thats causing it, because when i disable that one i can right click stuff again.

The question is: What exactly do i do with this thing now ? Im presuming i cant delete it since its a antivirus item, do i just let it stay disabled for eternity thanks to "ShellEx" viewer ?


Sep 10, 2013
Are you sure it isn't that you have a drive that isn't working properly? That is a typical reason of Windows Explorer freezing / crashing

What drives are you running? How old are they? Have you checked them?

And I presume you've run full antivirus /antispyware scans with reliable stuff such as BitDefender?