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  1. lmjb07

    Question Why does my laptop gets super hot after replacing broken hdd and randomly shutdown?

    A week ago, my laptop's original HDD gets broken(a weird clicking sound and unable to boot), so I decided to replace it with a formatted HDD from my friend's broken laptop. Then the 1st problem appeared...my laptop gets interrupted while installing win 10 because of a random shutdown and after...
  2. R

    Question The laptop is randomly shutting down - no overheating

    Hello, About two years ago I bought Aorus x7 DT v8. One month ago, I had to remove and dispose of the battery since it has inflated and I've been running directly on the power adapter ever since. Recently, the laptop started randomly shutting down, while gaming or just watching Youtube or just...
  3. G

    Solved! DELL XPS 1330 Random Shutdowns

    I recently inherited an old Dell XPS 1330. I know it is old... but it is in great shape. It originally had Windows Vista on it. I do not know if this current problem existed when it was running Vista. I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro. It is an OEM version, I own and it is...
  4. S

    Laptop randomly shutting down

    Hi guys, For the last 2 months my 2 year old laptop has been shutting down for no reason. This occurs while I'm browsing through YouTube or playing browser games like shellshock.io I'm unable to play games like League of legends > my laptop simply shuts down. But this doesn't happen with a game...
  5. A

    Gaming Laptop Shuts Off Randomly

    I have a asus rog g751jy-vs71 gaming laptop that I received from a friend 7 months ago and only recently in the last month the laptop shuts off loading into games, middle of games, and sometimes while browsing the internet. I have cleaned out almost all the dust out from inside the laptop and...
  6. L

    Laptop randomly goes to sleep after my battery fried

    Hello. I have a problem with my laptop - Lenovo Y700 17ISK Recently my battery fried and from that moment my laptop randomly goes to sleep. I didn't sense any pattern and I have no idea what could be wrong. I would really appriciate it if you could help me. Thank you in advance.
  7. S

    My computer shuts down randomly

    Alright. So. I play games on my computer. Everything's fine until today. Yesterday (and every other day) the computer ran games good, no warnings or errors at all. Today, I open it, play a game (the game i mostly play consumes 1gb of ram, I have 8gb, 6,95 usable) and after about 10 secs it shuts...
  8. T


    Hi, My laptop ACER ASPIRE E 15 (E5-575G-54YE) is randomly shutting down, FREQUENTLY. I bought it last june 2017, and this problem started like around jan-march 2018. I remember updating windows 10 before the problem started. I already checked for viruses, the laptop is not hot either. The fan...
  9. P

    Asus X542U Core i5-8250 4gb RAM WIN10 Randomly Shuts Down

    My laptop is brand new and hasnt been in use for a month. The issue started 2 days ago from this post. The issue is it randomly shuts down without a beep and the laptop isnt even hot. Sometimes it happens as I'm typing something. I've noticed that there are times the battery doesnt charge at...
  10. Wafcon

    Dell Vostro Shuts down 1 - 2 mins after startup

    So suddenly my dell vostro 3500 (i3) suddenly had this problem where it shuts down suddenly 1ish minutes after starting up. Prior to it breaking I had changed nothing around and it was working fine. I removed the Hdd and the problem still continues, meaning its nothing with windows, and I've...
  11. D

    ASUS: Playing Video Causes Shutdown

    Disclaimer: I've seen this issue posted last year and back then the temperature was the issue. I already ran realtemp and my temps are fine. I'm on an Asus laptop running Win10 Home 64-bit and mainly when I run video's from YouTube (Chrome and Firefox, browser makes no difference) or from my...
  12. C

    Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop Shutting Down in Games

    Hello all, I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop with 1050 Ti, and I have a problem. When I try to play games, such as COD Advanced Warfare, Fortnite etc. my laptop just switches off automatically. I've tried a few things such as: -Monitor temps using MSI Afterburner: Temperature for...
  13. Lutfij

    How To Solve Random Shutdown Issues In Lenovo Laptops

    Lenovo is known to be a go-to brand when it comes to building reliable and well-priced laptops. They seem to have pretty much every segment of the market covered with their laptops. Sometimes you can come across a myriad of issues. Some complex others being simple. This tutorial will show you...
  14. Lutfij

    How To Fix Frequent Shutdown Issues In HP Laptops

    HP laptops have been known to suffer from failures involving cracked hinges, broken outer laptop shells, motherboard issues, frequent laptop shutdowns and a laptop that refuses to start up. Some of them can be attributed to end user negligence but the majority of them can be attributed to poor...
  15. S

    Laptop Shutting Down - Cannot find reason (Not overheating)

    Hi all, hoping to get some of your knowledge on my situation. Have an MSI GT72 2QD gaming laptop - Windows 10 - 3 years old. Never have had an issue with random shut downs until recently - only shuts down when gaming -usually within an hour. Temperatures on 2 different programs do not go...
  16. A

    ASUS Q500A Laptop powers down shortly after start-up (only following drained battery)

    Hi all, I've been having quite a peculiar problem with my laptop lately. Only after the battery has drained to a very low amount (e.g. below 10% or so, or after completely dying), the next time I attempt to start it up, the Asus loading page appears, it starts to bring up the Windows 10 login...
  17. A

    Trips off unexpectedly

    My laptop Sony Vaio vpceb34en unexpectedly trips off or shutdown without any warning I have done all possible changes thermal paste , run on single ram , thermal paste or heat sink pad , new fan ,I ALSO CHANGED MOTHERBOARD WHICH COST ARROUND 90$ and etc BUT then also trips off
  18. G

    ASUS Laptop Randomly Shut Off

    I bought my laptop 5 months ago, but now my laptop is always shut off randomly when on battery, but its normal when i charging it. I try to reinstall my OS with win 10 and my laptop back to normal, but after 1 month my laptop going back shut off randomly, i don't know what happen, please help...
  19. P

    Laptop won't boot with power connection. BIOS diagnostic reports fine, shows 100% battery

    Hi everyone, I am running Debian Linux on a Dell Precision M4700 i7 laptop. When the power cable is unplugged, the computer shuts off seconds later. However the battery percentage shows 100% and a BIOS diagnostic of the battery reveals no problems, not End of Life or anything. I can't do a...
  20. J

    Asus X541N Vivobook random shutdown.

    It's working very fine when I bought it but after a month it just shutting down automatically or randomly. I tried to reset it but it still crashed. And one thing is when I tried to open it (0xc000021a) error message appears, so I troubleshooted it in advance options. What should I do?
  21. C

    JBL Cinema SB450 automatically turning off

    Hi to anyone reading this, I have a problem with my JBL Cinema SB450 where it keeps turning off after +\- 5 minutes when using it in AUX mode. I think it might have something to do with it not detecting that it is in use with my win7 PC. The bluetooth setting works perfectly and does not turn...
  22. A

    ASUS X550JK Random Shutdowns

    My laptop shuts down randomly. Mostly when playing games or sometimes doing nothing. I did a stress test to CPU and GPU benchmark. Sometimes it shuts down, sometimes it doesn't. I tried Windows 7, 8.1, 10 but the problem still exists. What can I do? Edit: Model is X550JK-XO012D
  23. C

    Crashing and showing random color

    PLEASE HELP ME Ive tried everything that ive seen on this problem Basically whats been happening is while playing specific games (CS:GO, Some VR games) it will crash and give me a random color (Pick one its probably shown up) I haven't had the laptop for that long 5-6 months. But where its...
  24. E

    Overheating and shutting down

    Hello. Here's my question I used to play games like Terraria and Robocraft with no problem at all in a crappy very old laptop, just a few fps drops, nothing out of common. About 7 weeks ago I had issues with my charger, it got a nasty cut in it that left it useless so I changed it to another...
  25. I

    ASUS K53E laptop sudden shutdowns / no boot now

    I have an asus laptop it is randomly shutdowns suddenly and randomly accepts to turn on rather than immediately power off after I press the power button. I had disassembled it but with no hope I changed the thermal paste of the processor and cleaned all of it from dust(wasn't much) I tried...
  26. A

    Laptop turns off even when plugged in

    Howdy everybody, I have a Toshiba S55-A5274 laptop from 2013: non removable battery Windows 10 Intel processor (I don't remember the model number) 6 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 240M (I think) I've been waiting for back-to-school sales to replace it with a Dell XPS 13, but it looks like I may have...
  27. J

    Laptop Random shutdown.

    Hi. Currently I'm having a samsung NP300E5C laptop.For the past 3 months, it's shutting off at exactly 30 minutes. I've checked overheating and reapplied the thermal paste.looks like it isn't overheating. I've tried changing the hard drive,the ram, disconnected the cd drive,replacing the...
  28. M

    Laptop ASUS K56CB-X0130H random shutdown

    Hi all! I have problem whit my laptop ASUS K56CB-X0130H. My laptop is randomly (I cant find any pattern) shutdown power (no BSOD) when I'm working on it and I cant find what cause this problem. I have reinstalled Windows many times and this problem was on on Win 8, Win 8.1 and Win 10 (clear and...
  29. K

    ASUS Turns on and immediately shuts off with a beep

    Hi all, I hope you can help me sort this out. A while ago my laptop started failing to power up. Pressing the button would cause it to start up and shut off within 2sec. It would however succeed every now and then (1out of 20 or so) and I would hold on to it like dear life. However, even going...
  30. T

    Pc shuts down when Gaming with Keyboard

    Helllo, so today I got a really strange issue that I would love to solve with you guys, So after a lot of tough work I finally removed the dust stuck on my laptop's cooler, replaced the thermal paste and cleaned it very well from inside, it was a really hard job especially with such a huge...
  31. J

    Toshiba c600 Laptop shuts off immediately after turning on

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite c600 (bought in early 2012) and it won't turn on. There's already a battery issue so it doesn't work without the adapter at all, but if the battery is there, the battery charging indicator turns orange as if it is charging even though it doesn't. And now...
  32. K

    Laptop shutdowns suddenly without any warning

    My laptop is 6 years old. There was no problem earlier but now it started shutting down randomly. Laptop battery indicator shows that it is battery problem. But I have noticed that, this problem occurs when charger is connected to it. There is no shutdown when I am using laptop on battery.
  33. N

    laptop shutting down on its own

    My lenovo laptop suddenly shuts down on its own just after few minutes of operation. I can hear the fan sound and its not the normal sound as it was in earlier days. But it is not getting that hot. I was trying to install some temp monitoring software but in between the installation only it...
  34. J

    Laptop Shuts down!

    Hello! I have a HP Pavilion dv6, i have had this laptop for a few years, few months ago. When the windows 8 update came, and updated my laptop from windows 7 to 8, i am not sure if it was a good choice. But after month or two when ever i tried playing any games for more than 5mins the laptop...
  35. R

    Laptop shuts down mid way when playing video games

    So i have been using this Laptop over a year to play video games one in particular ( Counter strike Global Offensive) and 4 weeks ago i have been having this problem where my laptop would randomly shut off. I recently got my laptop cleaned so it isnt a overheating issue and i just recently...
  36. H

    My Lenovo Laptop Won't Turn On.

    My Laptop Made by Lenovo shut off on its own and won't turn back on. Someone had this problem previously and the solution is to let the laptop cool down, it may be hot, but my laptop is cold, and prior from returning home from school it turned on then shut off opening Chrome.
  37. K

    Laptop crashes when off battery

    Hello~ My laptop, and Asus Republic of Gamers, G75VX edition, will shut down completely at random times, ONLY when running on battery. By this i mean, I have close to no problems when my laptop is plugged in. What happened exactly is when my laptop is running on the battery, at a random time...
  38. S

    Sony Laptops shuts down randomnly

    Hi i have a sony vaio windows 7 core i3 etc. Anyway, it occasionally overheats and i know when it shuts down due to overheating because it goes blank for 2-3 seconds then shuts down. However, in perhaps the last week, after about 5-10 minutes of use, it shuts down SUDDENLY and i believe it...
  39. E

    Laptop suddenly shutsdown without warning at random interval

    Hi...I am facing a problem with my Toshiba Satellite L755-M1M0 Laptop... *The Laptop shutsdown suddenly (no blue screen) at random intervals..(the intervals are decreasing day by day). *Intel core i7 *Ram is 4GB + 8 GB *have a dedicated Nividia graphic card *Quad core second generation. * Hard...
  40. K

    Laptop random shutdown(as in losing power, not the normal shutdown)

    Hello guys, I have an Acer Aspire 4752G and these are the issues I'm having: In the last two months or so, my laptop have been having these random auto shutdowns. Not the one where it displays "windows is shutting down" but instead it will just suddenly lose power. After a few seconds, it will...
  41. S

    Asus G75VX Random Shutdown

    Asus G75VX powers off at random times through out the week. Also, the computer will not boot unless it is attached to an external monitor. Once it has booted, I can disconnect the external monitor and the internal display now works. Any ideas or suggestions?
  42. P

    Laptop instantly shuts off as if overheating despite normal temperatures.

    So my laptop is pretty old and has recently been overheating on pretty much every game. I know all the common issues being thermal paste/fans not working/dust buildup. I clear it of dust buildup regularly, it's like new in that regard. I replaced the main fan not too long ago and it's working...
  43. P

    Toshiba Satellite c55-a laptop Reboot Loop

    I rebooted my toshiba satellite c55-a laptop. It worked last night but this morning it' keeps looping back to the Microsoft Winodes factory restore screen. How can I fix it?
  44. M

    Acer aspire laptop

    I do not know what is wrong with my laptops but when I watch TV shows I have downloaded like say (King of The Hill) (American Dad) (Family Guy) (That 70s Show) and a bunch more. My laptop won't shut off unexpectedly, but if I watch a movie like (Fast 7) (Get Hard) and a bunch bunch more, my...
  45. D

    Toshiba L50. Shuts-down after a few Seconds

    Hi my Toshiba L50 PSKT4E keeps shut downing after a few Seconds when turned on I took out the Battery and held the power button for 30 seconds + -> No Joy I also removed the HD Disk and Disk Drive along with the Ram and still no luck, i also took apart the Cooling System and cleaned it and...
  46. Prophet171

    Having Issues with Laptop shutting off

    Hello, When i turn my computer on for the first time in the day. It will go about 3-20 minutes or so and then immediately shut off. When i re-boot it there is no error messages or saying why it shut off and everything runs fine and runs perfectly normal. I am wondering ways to troubleshoot so it...
  47. E

    healthy battery, but shuts down when on battery power

    I know this is another one of thousands of posts about laptops randomly shutting down. I have searched through countless threads but haven't found anything that seems like a sound solution. I have a vaio pro 13 running windows 10, a little under a year old. the battery health is very good, as I...
  48. ChaosHydrA

    How do i clear up this right click "Windows explorer has stopped working" error ?

    Hi, i have been having this error for a month or so now, where i cant right click any folder or desktop item without getting the "windows explorer has stopped working error" Ive been reading a lot of stuff and ended up downloading "shellEX" viewer program. Im using Windows 7 64-bit btw. However...
  49. D

    Random shutdown of my laptop

    Hello, I've been sitting here with this problem quite a while. I use an Acer Aspire E1-771 (Laptop) and it shuts down randomly. I dont know whats happening. The eventlog told me this: - System - Provider [ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power [ Guid]...
  50. MrSalty

    My Laptop Crashes (instantly turns off) When playing SOME Games

    As the title says, my laptop (Lenovo Y560p) turns off randomly but only when playing some games. My computer hasn't always done this but I don't know what happened to make it start. There is no BSOD, the computer just turns off (no shutdown process). Through Event Viewer I see a critical event...
  51. C

    My Lenovo Y50 shuts down exactly every 30 minutes. (No overheating)

    My Lenovo Y50 is shutting down every 30 minutes, no matter what i do, i can keep it doing nothing, and it shuts down, and i discovered that sleep mode "resets" the timer, and that's the only way to use it for longer time, can somebody help? Oh and it is not a battery setting issue too as far as...
  52. T

    How to check which component is failing?

    Hello guys, I have a quite old HP Pavilion dv6 laptop (bought on 2010). Specs: Intel i5 M430 (iirc) GeForce 230M 500GB HDD Rarely turned it on since I got a PC. I was going to use it again but then problems show up. Since the battery was already in a poor condition at the time I was using...
  53. B

    Dell Precision M4400 shuts down randomly by itself

    My Dell Precision M4400 has been running fine except for one thing - the automatic shutdowns. Usually, the shutdowns are caused by general use - the most strenuous thing I use my laptop for is Netflix. I thought it was the heat of the GPU that was causing it, so I cleaned it (dropping the...
  54. M

    Laptop freezes, reboot, stuck in BIOS

    Hi, since a few weeks, I experience issues with my mobile Workstation Laptop (HP EliteBook 8560w). Those usually do not even have to be when the system is running hot. Examples would be surfing the web or looking for a file using Windows Explorer. There are five cases that happen: 1. Display...
  55. THRobinson

    Sharp Aquos LC-37D62U - Shut Off Issue

    I have a Sharp Aquos LC-37D62U that I got used (free) because it randomly shuts off. Could be 20min, hours or even go all day no issue, just randomly shuts off for about 5sec and turns back on again. Seems to be a VERY common issue with these older Aquos TV's, found lots of info about the...
  56. M

    Laptop automatically shutting off

    Recently I've been having this problem where my Laptop keeps shutting off randomly without notice. I've recently had the fan replaced as the old one wasn't working and ever since the old fans stopped working I've had the problem. Does anyone know any solutions or know why this is happening? Thankyou
  57. G

    Laptop shutting down when plugged in only(fine on battery)

    Hi all, I have a Dell Studio 1555 (studio 15r submodel) from around 2010. My battery was shot so I always had it plugged in. It would overheat and shut down periodically. I opened it up, cleaned it all out and found a nice thick blanket inbetween the fan and heat sink. After cleaning it out it...
  58. I

    Random shutdown in multiple OSes

    Hello, My laptop random shuts down, this happened in Windows 8, Ubuntu and memtest86+. I have no idea what is causing it but the following is what I've tried: Memtest86+ Ran it with both ram-sticks: Crashed at about 30 min, not sure what test it was Stick 1: Completed one pass Stick 2...
  59. D

    Asus X55U - Laptop - Random Shutdowns?

    My Asus X55U Laptop randomly turns off. Not getting any Overheating or Error, its like a hard shutdown. Sometimes it lasts for 30 minutes and then Turns Off. Other times it lasts Hours. What should I do to fix this Problem? Please help! May the Laptops PSU be Surgeing or Something? I can provide...
  60. B

    Acer Aspire M5-581TG always shutting down after the same time

    Hi! I have an Acer Aspire M5-581TG. I don't know why, but it just turns itself off after around 29 minutes, every time. I tried seeing if it was a temperature problem but it isn't. I charged the battery at it still shuts down. I tried with the cable connected and the same result. I used...