Toshiba c600 Laptop shuts off immediately after turning on

Jake Sullivan

Jun 11, 2015

I have a Toshiba Satellite c600 (bought in early 2012) and it won't turn on. There's already a battery issue so it doesn't work without the adapter at all, but if the battery is there, the battery charging indicator turns orange as if it is charging even though it doesn't.

And now, when I plug it in, the battery LED lights up in orange, and when I press the power button, the power on LED flashes green for a second and then both LEDs turn off, and the net second, the charging LED lights up in orange. I can see a slight flashing like thing happening with the screen as well. This started out by randomly shutting off in while working, and then it started happening during startup (turning off before loading windows and automatically turning on again. Sometimes this repeated several times). Then it didn't turn on automatically, so I tried pressing the power button every time it shut off at startup (even before turning the screen on), and it would turn on after several tried, and would work fine until I shut it down or hibernate it.

Now, I've been trying to get it to turn on but nothing works. I tried a different adapter, removed the battery, changed RAM cards and the BIOS battery. Do you have any idea what the problem MIGHT BE?

Thanks in advance!!!!
Could be your motherboard. Laptops really aren't meant to run for long without a battery or on the charger cord, and if yours was in (but dead) then it is possible the running on charger only caused damage.