Laptop turns off even when plugged in


Jun 23, 2017
Howdy everybody,
I have a Toshiba S55-A5274 laptop from 2013:

  • non removable battery
    Windows 10
    Intel processor (I don't remember the model number)
    6 GB RAM
    Nvidia GeForce 240M (I think)
I've been waiting for back-to-school sales to replace it with a Dell XPS 13, but it looks like I may have to purchase a new laptop sooner.

Current problem
My Toshiba laptop won't stay on. Although the battery LED is solid white (full charge), Windows 10 displays 0% charge after I boot up and log into my computer. Moreover, the battery LED will start blinking orange (empty charge) a couple minutes after I turn on the laptop. The laptop will then shut down about 5 minutes after I turn it on even though the laptop is plugged into AC power.

What I've already tested
I've hard-reset the laptop twice: once with, once without AC adapter. No luck.
I've also tried booting via "full" battery power only. Still no luck.

I know my laptop's battery is old and worn out. A month ago when I last powered my laptop solely via its battery, the battery provided ~15 minutes of power. I've run the laptop off of AC power for the last 2 years.
Also, two days ago, I booted into safe mode to try and run a "heavy" program (SolidWorks) without other background services slowing down my computer. SolidWorks needed internet access to run, so I re-booted into normal mode. I did not change any BIOS settings before, during, or after safe mode. While I worked with SolidWorks in normal mode, I changed my power settings to "performance" because I knew my laptop would be very slow with SolidWorks. Two years ago, SolidWorks ran fine, but now it runs painfully slow: ~5-10 second lag between me clicking something, such as "draw line", and the computer responding, such as cursor => line drawing cursor.
I slowly worked with SW for about two hours, and just as I finished, I noticed that the battery charge in my start menu tray suddenly dropped to from full charge (I work with AC power) to 0% and the battery LED started blinking orange. I quickly shut down the PC, but I can't remember if it shut down because of my command or if it just crashed.

My questions

    What can I test to narrow down the culprit component?
    Is there a safe mode issue? I saw on some threads online that booting into safe mode could trigger some conservation settings in BIOS, but I doubt it.
    Is this an overheat issue? I haven't paid attention to the fan speed while booting, but other threads have pointed to over heating as a possible issue.
    Are there any small laptops with removable battery comparable in performance and build quality to the XPS 13? This and past issues with my current laptop make me apprehensive about laptops with non-removable batteries.

Thanks for your help!
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