Laptop won't boot with power connection. BIOS diagnostic reports fine, shows 100% battery


Nov 6, 2017
Hi everyone, I am running Debian Linux on a Dell Precision M4700 i7 laptop. When the power cable is unplugged, the computer shuts off seconds later. However the battery percentage shows 100% and a BIOS diagnostic of the battery reveals no problems, not End of Life or anything. I can't do a battery calibration, as the computer shuts off after moments of unplugging. This started after I replaced the factory provided battery (EOL) with one I bought from eBay. It was working fine, until it began shutting off when the power cable is unplugged. It doesn't work when the hard drive is removed, either (shouldn't be an OS problem). Thanks for reading, I greatly appreciate any feedback.


Question from patrick.haneyt2i : "Laptop shuts off without AC charger, BIOS diagnostic reports battery as working fine."



Nov 6, 2017

Ok, thanks. I suspected this was true but thought there might be slim chance of a systematic change I can do. I contacted the seller of the battery to request a refund.
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