Laptop shutting down when plugged in only(fine on battery)

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Apr 20, 2015
Hi all,

I have a Dell Studio 1555 (studio 15r submodel) from around 2010. My battery was shot so I always had it plugged in. It would overheat and shut down periodically. I opened it up, cleaned it all out and found a nice thick blanket inbetween the fan and heat sink. After cleaning it out it runs nice and cold, case roughly 40 degrees when playing a game, everything else in the mid 50s (celcius) while running a game.

I figured that my problem was over until it would shut off without over heating. I did some troubleshooting and came to the conclusion that it only happens when my power cable is plugged in. I just bought some Artic Silver 5 that I haven't had the time to open my laptop again and also bought a new dc adapter the will come in the mail in a couple days and ill replace both at the same time.

Playing the same game on both battery and plugged in, HWMonitor shows the same temps. I'm getting 6008 unexpected shutdowns on Event Viewer everytime it occurs.

Could the new DC jack fix the error or possible a new charger? I was playing a game for the entire length of the battery life with no issue at all. Once the battery got low, I plugged in the charger and within 5 minutes it shutdown. Tested the charger in multiple wall outlets and power strips.

Thank you in advance for any responses.


Nov 12, 2013
The brick of the charger gets quite hot when putting the laptop undey heavy load. As a fail safe if it gets too hot it will shut off the pc. Keep the brick in an open place where it can passively cool.

If the brick has done this multiple times it can be worn down and occur more frequently as time goes on.


Apr 20, 2015

The brick is always out in the open and unconfined. Never tucked in with a bunch of wires and what not.

Its possible it could be worn out from 5 years of heavy usage. That was the next item to replace but I was starting with the cheapest and making my way up.

***FORGOT to mention that i purchase a replacement battery so I am able to hold a full charge and thats how i found out it only happens on the AC adapter.***


Mar 3, 2016
having same problem with my dell latitude 620 works good with battery but when i go to plug it in to recharge battery it shuts off my b/f says its the power supply inside but i say it could be the plug its self any help would be nice


Aug 17, 2017
This may be due to replacement AC adapter's low wattage. My original adapter that comes with my Lenovo G405s laptop has damaged (3 years usage) so I purchased a new replacement AC adapter without reading the specifications. After months of using new replacement adapter, I found out that it uses only up to 90W compared to the previous original adapter that comes with the laptop (112.99W).

I usually works with video editing using laptop and it shuts down automatically when using ac adapter even if I'm start using it in just few minutes ago (~3 minutes). The adapter brick didn't even getting hot at this time. This is because CPU-intensive tasks such as video editing and playing games with higher graphics requires more power wattage but the lower wattage replacement AC adapter are unable to accomodate it that the laptop shuts down automatically to prevent hardware damage due to inadequate wattage provided by the replacement adapter. But I can use the laptop for video editing and it works fine without any unexpected shutdowns if using battery power(using from 100% full charge until very low battery). That's why gaming laptops (for example MSI) comes with a bigger adapter brick with higher wattage (~180W).

So, my solutions are :
1. Get a new AC adapter with 100W wattage or higher (the one that similar with original adapter that comes with your laptop are recommended)

2. When using low wattage replacement AC adapter, you must stop doing any CPU-intensive tasks by doing light tasks or put laptop to sleep or shutting it down.

I used the 2nd solution. Whenever I need to recharge battery with replacement AC adapter, I stopped using the laptop and doing other tasks (cleaning the house / browsing facebook with my phone) while waiting for the laptop battery fully charged. Then, I unplugged the adapter and continue using the laptop again.
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