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  1. H

    Question windows explorer performance issues with large files: need help!

    I'm experiencing significant performence issues with windows explorer when accessing folders that contain large files. The folder takes a long time to load details of files, and the "Calcul des filtres..." message appears for an extended period, making it difficult to manage my files...
  2. Chandler B

    Solved! Windows 10 Severely Acting Up

    I am experiencing quite a few issues with Windows 10 right now. First is with the search box and Cortana. Sometimes when I open the search box and type, it just goes to the loading graphic with the dots at the top and a white background. No matter how long I wait, there are not search results...
  3. D

    Solved! LG Stylo won't show up in Windows Explorer

    When I plug the phone into my laptop to take off some pictures, it automatically goes to charge. How do I get it to show the contents of the phone. I tried looking in WE but it is not there Pat
  4. B

    Solved! Brand New Asus ROG Strix GL703GS Crashing & Restarting

    Just got my new laptop today, and so far it's crashed and restarted about 5 times. It starts with Windows Explorer freezing up, Microsoft Edge going black, and then soon after goes to BSOD and quickly restarts. I've checked the event viewer and this is the error message that it shows: SCEP...
  5. M

    Windows Explorer Sorting Files

    I want to sort many many files in a folder by creation date/time and then group them by dates First one is okay to get in Windows 10 but when I group them, Windows 10 only groups them in like "A long time ago" Can you please suggest some settings in W10 itself or some other software which can...
  6. B

    Wrong Action in Windows Explorer

    I have Windows 7 Home premium - Following a recent Windows update (I think) when in Windows Explorer, and I double click a FOLDER in the right panel, Paint Shop Pro opens. - When I right click on a folder, the list is now headed with "Browse using Paint Shop Pro". Paint Shop Pro also...
  7. L

    folders keep reappearing on C drive. ransomeware program triggered

    On my home machine yesterday just happened to notice on C drive 2 strange folders. they reappear even though you delete them. norton/malwarebytes paid and cyberfree ransomeware are on the machine tdsskiller shows nothing. the ransomware program I have keeps saying something is found and it is...
  8. Z

    Solved! Computer acting strange, even after clean install of Windows

    I have a interesting question and was wondering if you could give me some advice or tell me what is going on you see I have a Laptop with Windows 7 on it that I use just for messing around online, surf the web, watch youtube videos just regular stupid things but lately it started acting a bit...
  9. 2

    My computer starts typing on its own.

    My computer starts typing 1 and 0 everywhere I go. (any Internet page, or in-game chat). It keeps opening Windows Media Player and Windows Explorer. This happened only once, 5-6 days ago and I thought it's gone but it isn't. Anyone can give me some tips?
  10. G

    my laptop will not open internet explorer

    Shows I'm connected to my WiFi but Windows explorer will not open
  11. Y

    Windows Explorer becomes unresponsive when connecting my USB drive

    A few days ago, I had a problem with one of my USB drives and I ejected it while the computer was restarting (one of the apps I had on my drive became unresponsive so I had to restart). Afterwards, when I connected the same USB drive into the USB port, the file explorer became unresponsive and...
  12. I

    Keyboard types wrong characters in Windows Explorer specifically

    Basically My keyboard is typing the wrong characters, but only in windows explorer (I'm in Windows 7 by the way). The weird thing is that this only happens to all symbols except for *, (, ), &, $, %, !, -, _, +, =, ;, and :. All other programs, including ones from microsoft, work fine. I tried...
  13. M

    Chinese malware after installing a game

    I've installed a game on my computer, and then strange things started to happen, like some strange chinese app opened (uninstalled it), and there is a strange drive on the windows explorer I dont know how to delete it, and probably it is a virus UPDATE: I've discovered one thing, this is...
  14. C

    Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series sleeping issue

    Whenever my laptop starts up r wake up from sleeping, I become unable to use my trackpad to click anything unless I go to task manager and restart Windows Explorer
  15. T

    File Explorer crashing windows explorer

    So, one I was on my laptop and then when I opened my control panel, the desktop and the hotbar (Windows Explorer) went black, reopened, and didn't open control panel, now it is doing the same with file explorer, and as a gamer, this is madness.
  16. I

    Windows 8.1 100% disk usage on every process, I open.

    I get 100% disk usage on every process, I open after some seconds it normally starts using ram but sometimes as, I copy larger files it gives me 260mb speed for 5 to 10 sec but again then windows explorer starts using disk usage. I want to know why my laptop does not use ram much as, I have 16...
  17. N

    Windows explorer crashing

    Hi, I have an Asus laptop (g60jx I think..) running windows 7 and windows explorer keeps crashing I can barely boot it up now, with 9/10 restarts only getting passed 'starting windows' and ending at a black screen SOMETIMES it will let me log in, but even most times then it will have a 'safe...
  18. ChaosHydrA

    How do i clear up this right click "Windows explorer has stopped working" error ?

    Hi, i have been having this error for a month or so now, where i cant right click any folder or desktop item without getting the "windows explorer has stopped working error" Ive been reading a lot of stuff and ended up downloading "shellEX" viewer program. Im using Windows 7 64-bit btw. However...
  19. J

    Ultrabook running very Slow

    I have a mac air copy ultrabook running win 7. It worked fine till the SSD failed. I replaced the SSD and did a fresh install of win 7. It now runs extremely slow. Windows explorer comes up normal but Each task you select takes one to 2 mins to pull up the page. Can anybody help me?
  20. bamitscon

    Help With Headset Microphone!

    I currently have a turtlebeach headset, and a couple of days ago this was working fine untill my microphone stopped working, i thought it was the headset being faulty, so i went into the store and got a new one. But the problem was still happening.. I went into my sound options and realised that...
  21. J

    CCleaner wants to delete these items?

    I have used CCleaner for a long time on old XP rig. I'm now using 8.1 on new rig (Less than 1 week). CCleaner by default wants to delete these items; Windows Explorer - Thumbnail Cache System - Windows Log Files Utilities - Windows Defender (Destination files appear to be in results, not the...
  22. D

    Folder Lock Ver. 7.5.1

    I am using Folder Lock Ver. 7.5.1 and starting last week application shows that my folders are locked, but on the windows explorer all folder are visible. I tried to Remove the app, Clean registry, and re-installed again and worked for one day only. Why? Appreciated any help
  23. I

    Computer Trojan, confidental / sensitive information

    I have a computer which has been badly infected with several viruses and java exploit trojans. Essentially makes the computer almost unusable. Any attempt to open any administratibe tools or programs brings up a windows explorer tab with the programs name asking if you would like to download...
  24. J

    Laptop fell, Windows Explorer crashes constantly.

    I dropped my laptop (Dell Latitute E6430) from by bed (2-3 feet bed to floor) and it shut down from the fall. The laptop turns on fine and loads up as fast as before. When I log in the problem starts. Everything seems normal, but as soon as I try to open something it just freezes up. I can't...
  25. J

    Windows Explorer, IE keeps restarting

    Hi all, Need abit of help with my dad's laptop, his Internet Explorer stopped working recently and now it crashes anytime he open's it, even though he uses Chrome now I still would like to know what's making this happen. Also his Windows Explorer crashes all the time too, mainly on Control...
  26. L

    What is causing my laptop to noticeably slow down in performance?

    When i got it back in February it was snappy with everything but now it is starting to stutter on tasks that it should never stutter on like opening the right click menu within Windows Explorer to make a new folder or launching a game through Uplay or loading webpages. Is wear and tear really...
  27. M

    Cant undelete deleted files

    Hi, We accidentally deleted over 400 photos on the Samsung galaxy S4 I9505 when it was connected to windows explorer (deleted via the PC). I have tried about 10 different undelete software programs and while some of them can find older photos, none of the recent 400. My device is rooted. I...
  28. 1

    how do I transfer pics from disabled ipod 5 touch to pc

    I am trying to copy pictures using Explorer DCIM folder of my nieces disabled iPod 5 Touch (she forgot her password). We are using an old emachine D620 laptop, the OS is Win Vista. Once I am able to get her "I gotta have my pictures..." Then we are going to reset to factory settings. Any...
  29. R

    windows explorer stopped working

    i get this error often..can someone help me with the solution..thanks in advance Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BEX64 Application Name: explorer.exe Application Version: 6.1.7601.17514 Application Timestamp: 4ce7a144 Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll Fault Module Version...
  30. U

    dvd drive and deamon tools are not detected in windows explorer while they are shown in device manager with yellow notificatio

    dvd drive and deamon tools are not detected in windows explorer while they are shown in device manager .tried (default settings,updated motherboard bios,jumper)nothing resolved the problem any suggestion will be helpful
  31. A

    Need Help for my Acer Windows 8 Laptop

    So, I decided to RESET my acer windows 8 laptop because my Windows Explorer file got damaged so I cant use my Internet Explorer anymore so I thought if I reset it, it would be fixed and I connected my Laptop to the TV using an HDMI (since my laptop screen is cracked and still works if I connect...
  32. bruniss

    Help! My Nexus7 crashes Windows Explorer as soon as I connect to my PC!

    Hi ppl! I've being posting this issue in several other forums and had no response. I hope some of you guys can help me. Here's the thing: For the past few weeks I've being experiencing several issues with my Nexus 7 (2012) that I've never had before. When I plug the tablet to the PC it...
  33. P

    HP laptop dvd player does not eject door

    -DVD player has no hole to do manual eject door. -Tried the Windows Explorer step to select DVD player and right click and press Eject button. - Downloaded 3 DVD eject door utilities and they didn't eject door. All above would start dvd player clicking and appear to be trying to read the DVD...
  34. ayakashi

    Booting stuck, can't repair OS, and sudden black screen - Vaio VPC Y

    Hello, I need help with my laptop. I have a about 2-year old VAIO Y Series - VPC YB15AG. Built in with Win7 Starter OS, but upgraded to Win8 Pro since the OS release and never have any problem until now. I was browsing through the Windows Explorer, opening a painting program, and plugging in a...
  35. Anthony1025

    help with cpu usage

    First off, here's my laptop Whenever I'm just browsing through windows explorer or just searching through files, I notice that my CPU usage can go up to 30-50%. While on Google...
  36. G

    17 Windows Explorer Extensions & Replacements

    Tweak Windows Explorer with these extensions & replacements 17 Windows Explorer Extensions & Replacements : Read more
  37. taimoorali007

    Cant delete corrupted rar file plz help

    Yestarday, i was extracting a rar file from dvd and suddenly everything stopped working, i took out the dvd and try to delete that file but not responding windows explorer appeared and desktop refreshes everytime. plzzp lzplz tell me some way to del that rar file thanks!!!! PLZ PLZ
  38. R

    How to unlock file properties on win xp

    I cant open any applications on my pc. the computer said that "you have to go to properties in the windows explorer to unlock the file". any can help me? :)
  39. pckitty4427

    My camera won't import

    Hi I've tried importing pictures from my JVC camcorder using Windows explorer, but when I try and paste the videos, it just freezes. I've also tried importing using Windows Live Photo Gallery, but it just stays at "Importing item 1 of 203". Any ideas? I'm running Windows 8 RP by the way.
  40. A

    Should I wait?

    Hello, I have a 3 year old 17" HP Pavilion that is starting to give me problems. Internet explorer crashing, windows explorer crashing, occasional frezzing requiring a hard boot. Thinking of getting a new puter, but with Win 8 in the pipeline was wondering if I should just wait it out and see...
  41. M

    Google Chrome password log-in site issues

    I'm having trouble logging into some internet sites on google chrome. When I pull them up on windows explorer. it works fine. There seems to be a problem with the password. It will say invalid password on chrome. I tried deleting cookies on both chrome and explorer. I tried reinstalling...
  42. Shinshan

    Windows Explorer keeps crashing.

    Hey guys, last night I did quite a bit of downloading for modding Oblivion and a while into the night I started getting the boxes coming up saying "Windows Explorer has stopped working" followed by "Windows Explorer is restarting" Non-responsive type of stuff I thought, this seems normal but it...
  43. C

    Can't save JPEG's in Chrome

    I left some pictures open from last night's web-surfing session (Google Chrome). Today, I realized that the url's for the pictures had expired/deleted/404'd. The pictures are still open in my browser - is there any way to save them? They are jpeg's. I tried saving some, but when I then try to...
  44. exfileme

    Finally, A Tool for Sending Files From PC to Kindle

    Amazon has released a PC app that allows users to send files to the Kindle directly from a printer or Windows Explorer. Finally, A Tool for Sending Files From PC to Kindle : Read more
  45. G

    Opening the windows explorer 8 / my computer.

    Hello, opening the windows explorer 8 / my computer.
  46. mrfaces

    Hidden programs folders

    I am trying to clean out someone's computer and need some help. She has a Windows XP Pro 32bit computer. She had a virus and I ran malwarebytes twice full scan, then combofix. Afterwards I used CCleaner to clean up the registry. Everything looks fine and I can access any programs via windows...
  47. M

    I can not start windows explorer

    I can not start windows explorer, it comes up with a message saying "this folder does not have a programme associated with it".
  48. T

    USB Drive Not Recognized

    My external drive stopped being recognized by Windows explorer. I use XP Pro and one moment everything fine and next thing I know I can't access anything. Already re-booted, tried a different USB Port, nothing. Windows shows the drive is there but no accessibility.
  49. C

    DVD Issues

    Hello, I have burnt a DVD with videos from my camcorder. Windows explorer won't show any data and also wouldn't play in laptop or other DVD players.. Please help
  50. D

    How to get a kodak digital camera to use explorer and not easyshare

    when you plug it in, it opens kodak easyshare and i want it to use windows explorer XP drag and drop
  51. J

    Solved! Need to install OS on a netbook

    long story short, something happened to my windows on my netbook, I am missing several .dll files, apparently most notably "wininet.dll" so I am unable to use anything associated with windows explorer. Now normally this would be no problem, simply re-install the OS from a dvd, only problem is...
  52. A

    Looking for a nifty desktop app

    Greetings I've been wondering recently if there is any software that could let me view the contents of folders on my desktop with me having to open it in Windows Explorer, something similar to OSX's dock folders only for desktop on Windows. If anyone knows of such software please tell me :D
  53. G

    Internet Exporer annoying word Highlights pop ups

    Does anyone know how to stop the annoying word highlights in Windows explorer, when you read an article various words are highlighted or a different color, when you drag your mouse accross them you get a pop up on the subject of the word or an add. This I find is very annoying.
  54. G

    Solved! Install windows explorer

    Hello, my problem is..i try to open my computer..i play 3gp video..sunddenly my computer write windows explorer has to fix the problem?
  55. G

    Windows explorer stops responding

    my laptop was working fine but then all of the sudden it start to sta windows explorer stopped working and then it says it was restarting it so it did but the thing is it keeps doing it over and over again and wont stop the only way i can open a program up if i use task manager on put new task...
  56. G

    Advice on storing music

    I have a Samsung mp3 and my wife has just bought an ipod. I just use windows explorer and windows media player for managing my music but then my wife installed itunes for her ipod and it seemed to overwrite all my files too. What did I do wrong?
  57. london_prophet

    Which Ultra Compact

    It's for taking photos of friends and sights (I've moved to the US and am travelling quite a bit). Decent battery life Small $100-200 (pref around $160) USB to computer (preferably plug'n'play, and without a need for special programs - just windows explorer) I'm not printing photos, just...
  58. G

    Is Windows Explorer a Virus?

    London (England) - ZD Net is reporting that a patch from earlier this week to Kaspersky Lab’s anti-virus software deemed Microsoft Windows Explorer a virus, and quarantined the explorer.exe file. Windows Explorer is one of the most crucial components o Is Windows Explorer a Virus? : Read more
  59. J

    Help with error with a hp pavillion Dv6000 Vista laptop

    Help with error with a hp pavillion dv6000 when i start my computer up then type my password in to get into my admin account, i get these errors- Error loading C:\Windows\system32\NvMcTray.dll Error loading C:\Windows\system\32\nvsvc.dll Error loading C:\Windows\system32\NvCpl.dll and i get this...
  60. J

    Windows Explorer replacement?

    W2K Pro. 1) recommend "the" forum for questions like #2 below? 2) I need a Windows Explorer replacement that: a) is stable. b) does what Windows Explorer does. c) has REAL tabs, where each tab has its OWN folder tree. (in every tabbed Explorer replacement I've seen the tabs or panes all...