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  1. I

    Shift key issue

    hi i have an issue with my shift key it acts so weird when i'm playing games like when i was playing Rainbow Six siege i tried to sprint using shift but when i held it down it pressed (z, Tab, T, ....) i don't know why and when i played fortnite some time when i press shift it sprints and...
  2. raidtube23

    Both Shift buttons [keys] aren't working

    I have a HP i5 64 bit laptop and both shift buttons keys aren't working i tried turing off the sticky keys, reinstall the driver and repair the both buttons keys nothing works. i tried using another keyboard and its working. Please help. Thank you!
  3. S

    Laptop keys type the wrong symbol when pressing SHIFT?

    For example, the ' key should make a @ when I press shift, but instead it makes a "! Vice versa with the 2 key. The shift functions for most other keys have switched too. Too fix this, I tried using the change input language fix, and changing it to US worked temporarily, but when I turned on my...